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The latter had an ivory plate bearing "statoscope" and other words in French, and a little indicator quivered and waggled, between Montee and Descente.
The grouped letters stood out heavily black, around the pivot-head of the indicator, emphatically symbolic of loud exclamations: AHEAD, ASTERN, SLOW, Half, STAND BY; and the fat black hand pointed downwards to the word FULL, which, thus singled out, captured the eye as a sharp cry secures attention.
Now, instead of reversing the levers, I had pulled them over so as to go forward with them, and when I came to look at these indicators I found that the thousands hand was sweeping round as fast as the seconds hand of a watch--into futurity.
On the notice-board in the Captains' Room, the pulsing arrows of some twenty indicators register, degree by geographical degree, the progress of as many homeward-bound packets.
ESI is a composite indicator made up of five sectoral confidence indicators with different weights: Industrial confidence indicator, Services confidence indicator, Consumer confidence indicator, Construction confidence indicator, Retail trade confidence indicator.
Prequalification are invited for Consultant to Support the Harmonization of Private Sector Development Indicators for DCED and IFC.
The OBV is a momentum indicator that uses the flow of volume to predict the change (directionally) in the price of a security.
The warehouse, developed by the National Center for Health Statistics, includes a glossary of terms, data source descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions and other information, as well as a link to allow people to propose a new indicator.
The indicator averaged 185 points in the 12 months ending in this April, compared to 183.
Many types and sizes of generators have this type of filter restriction indicator so your question could help a lot of soldiers.
After an almost continuous rise over the last 14 months, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) fell by more than a point in both the EU and the eurozone (to 108.