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n.1.(Geom. of Three Dimensions) A certain conic section supposed to be drawn in the tangent plane to any surface, and used to determine the accidents of curvature of the surface at the point of contact. The curve is similar to the intersection of the surface with a parallel to the tangent plane and indefinitely near it. It is an ellipse when the curvature is synclastic, and an hyperbola when the curvature is anticlastic.
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We use the local isotropy distorsion [5], denoted [D.sub.I], which is the ratio of the semi-axes of an ellipse, called Tissot's indicatrix [8].
Observation indicatrix: A PI-2.22B three-channel AECG system (PI Company, USA) was used for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and HRV analyses of the patient on the first day after admission and eight weeks after treatment.
To perform this method, the layer of Intralipid (1.6% in water solution, 70 [micro]m thick) was placed in a special cuvette with 150 [micro]m thick walls and the indicatrix was obtained by means of photon counter (Photocor-PC2; Photocor Instruments, Inc., College Park, MD, USA).
which is called the lightcone Gauss indicatrix of X(u).
Total 8 species of larger foraminifera were recorded including Alveolina Indicatrix Hottinger 1960 [1] and Nummulites djodjokartae Martin 1881 [2] (reported first time from Chorgali Formation of this area).
Also, a graphical representation of the optical refractive indicatrix was suggested.
His topics include the possibility of classifying part surfaces, an analytical method based on second fundamental forms of the contacting part surfaces, indicatrix of conformity of two smooth regular surfaces in the first order of tangency, and general considerations and special cases for generating enveloping surfaces.
The operation principle of the PBGS resonant cavity is based on the assumption as follows: (1) there is only normal stress acting on the cavity model along x direction, neglecting the shear stress action; (2) the main axis coordinate system of the material indicatrix of the resonant cavity is coincident with the coordinate in the following PBGS resonant cavity model; (3) the normal stress acting on the cavity model along x direction would change the site of the GaAs pillars, but the variety of the shape of the GaAs pillars and its elastooptical effect will be ignored, because the normal stress was thought acting on the substrate.
We also consider Tissot's indicatrix (ellipse) referring to distortions of spherical circles in projection on the plane chart in paragraph 3.4.
Another visualization tool added specifically for UVGI analysis is the ability to scale a radiometric indicatrix, displayed with each UVGI fixture, to a given fluence rate threshold.
When light falls normally at the disc, the half-width of the indicatrix of reflection is about 15[degrees], and when its incident angle is 10[degrees], the maximum amplitude is reduced by about 15% while the half-width increases to 18[degrees].
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