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 (ĭn-dĭsh′ə, -dĭsh′ē-ə)
1. Identifying marks; indications.
2. Markings on bulk mailings used as a substitute for stamps or cancellations.

[Latin, pl. of indicium, sign, from index, indic-, indicator; see index.]


pl n, sing -cium (-ʃɪəm)
distinguishing markings or signs; indications
[C17: from Latin, plural of indicium a notice, from index]
inˈdicial adj


(ɪnˈdɪʃ i ə), sing. -ci•um.
1. the legends or stamplike devices printed on postal stationery or bulk mail to indicate that postage has been paid.
2. distinctive marks.
[1615–25; < Latin, pl. of indicium disclosure, token, sign =indic-, s. of index (see index) + -ium]
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Tenders are invited for Furnish and deliver eight million (8,000,000) specified 24 # white woven Registration Renewal Envelopes (90% of total with indicia and 10% of total without indicia) and eight million (8,000,000) specified 24# white woven Registration Renewal Return Envelopes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 29, 2014-ESO Investments 1 Partnership Divests Indicia Group Investment
The final article in this three-part series focuses on a third niche area of design patent law that businesses may utilize to protect surface indicia, including trademarks.
Dion Global Solutions has launched the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) TRAC Indicia Check Service to assist financial firms to assess the impact of FATCA regulations aimed at combating offshore tax evasion on their business.
The apparatus has a surface comprised of indicia having a configuration colored and shaped to simulate an eye and eye perimeter tissue.
has received a patent for a golf ball comprised of a core, a cover layer encasing the core and at least one coating layer encasing the cover layer, wherein the coating layer is formed of a two-part, reactive composition comprised of a first part comprised of 5% or greater of a radiation-curable iso(thio)cyanate, wherein each molecule has at least one non-aromatic carbon-carbon unsaturation; and a second part comprised of at least one iso(thio)cyanate-reactive chemical; wherein the golf ball further comprises at least one indicia layer adjoining the coating layer, and wherein the indicia layer is formed from an ink composition comprised of one or more radiation-curable moieties crosslinkable to the radiation-curable iso(thio)cyanate in the coating layer.
These factors, however, are only indicia of a responsible person; no one factor is determinative.
It carries the indicia and these words in red, "Please accept our invitation .
States the lawsuit, "State appropriations to Faith Works convey a message that the Christian religion is favored, preferred and promoted over other beliefs and nonbelief, and Faith Works' mission is clothed in traditional indicia of government endorsement.
Al Alasia invented Scrambled Indicia in the late 1970s.
The accommodation party must hold legal title to the property [during the transaction] and also hold other indicia of ownership that are recognized under commercial law, such as a contract for deed.
Postal Service trademark used to identify information-based indicia (IBI) being developed by private enterprises.