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A 15-year cycle used as a chronological unit in ancient Rome and incorporated in some medieval systems.

[Middle English indiccioun, from Late Latin indictiō, indictiōn-, proclamation, period of 15 years, from Latin indictus, past participle of indīcere, to proclaim : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]


(in the Roman Empire and later in various medieval kingdoms) n
1. (Historical Terms) a recurring fiscal period of 15 years, often used as a unit for dating events
2. (Historical Terms) a particular year in this period or the number assigned it
3. (Historical Terms) (from the reign of Constantine the Great)
a. a valuation of property made every 15 years as a basis for taxation
b. the tax based on this valuation
[C14: from Latin indictiō declaration, announcement of a tax; see indite]
inˈdictional adj


(ɪnˈdɪk ʃən)

a recurring fiscal period of 15 years, adopted in the Roman Empire and long used for dating ordinary events.
[1350–1400; Middle English indiccio(u)n < Latin indictiō imposition (of duties or taxes), derivative of indic-, variant s. of indīcere to proclaim, impose =in- in-2 + dīcere to say]
in•dic′tion•al, adj.


in the Roman Empire, the cyclical, fifteen-year fiscal period, used for dating ordinary events. Also called cycle of indiction.indictional. adj.
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Noun1.indiction - a 15-year cycle used as a chronological unit in ancient Rome and adopted in some medieval kingdoms
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
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Indiction of public inquiry aimed at identifying third sector subjects suitable for the co-design and management of an integrated system aimed at the reception, Implementation and provision of social interventions and functions, In network with the service system of the municipalities and territorial area of dalmine.
Naik is busy in Peshawar High Court and the indiction of accused should be postponed.
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In his Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of " Misericordia vultus" ("The Face of Mercy") Pope Francis paraphrasing the words of prophet Isaiah has defined the comprehensive nature of mercy as the very dimension of justice which Jesus came to establish: This Holy Year will bring to the fore the richness of Jesus' mission echoed in the words of the prophet: to bring a word and gesture of consolation to the poor, to proclaim liberty to those bound by new forms of slavery in modern society, to restore sight to those who can see no more because they are caught up in themselves, to restore dignity to all those from whom it has been robbed (MV 16).
Tomen, David's co-writer, sat in the bishop's Hermeneutics class when the topic shifted to the Misericordiae Vultus (Bull of Indiction on the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy).
Tomorrow's Generation, which is based in Cardiff, has been working with a team of scientists from Greece who hope to facilitate an earlier indiction of dyslexia.
Abstract: Pope Francis writes, in the Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, to all the faithful: <<Let us place the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the centre once more in such a way that it will enable people to touch the grandeur of God's mercy with their own hands>>.
Pope Francis, Bull of Indiction announcing the Jubilee Year of Mercy
TODAY, Pope Francis will open the Holy Door of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome to mark the opening of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, which he declared through the Bull of Indiction, Misericordiae Vultus, on April 11, 2015, the Feast of Mercy.
3) Pope Benedict XVI, Porta Fidei: Apostolic Fetter Mota Proprio Data for the Indiction of the Year of Faith (Vatican Press, 2012), [paragraph] 13.
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