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tr.v. in·dict·ed, in·dict·ing, in·dicts
1. Law To charge (a party) by indictment.
2. To accuse of wrongdoing or criticize severely: "[He] managed to indict the country's smug, liberal establishment whose lip service throttled the struggle for civil rights" (Bob Spitz).

[Alteration of Middle English enditen, to accuse, write a document; see indite.]

in′dict·ee′ (ĭn′dī-tē′) n.
in·dict′er, in·dict′or n.
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or indictor
One that accuses:
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Prolonged lack of physical appetite is an indictor of an internal problem.
The researchers found that fewer children with mothers being prescribed sodium valproate during pregnancy achieved the national minimum standard in the core subject indictor (CSI), mathematics, language, and science versus the matched control group (−12.7, −12.1, −10.4, and −12.2 percent, respectively).
An indictor will show exactly how much storage is left on the user' Android device.
Goodwin Procter LLP, Nixon Peabody LLP and Berman Indictor LLP served as purchaser's counsel for the transaction.
The law firms of Nixon Peabody, Berman Indictor and Goodwin Procter represented the joint venture in the transaction.
We choose the investor sentiment proxy indictor sequence after pretreatment: sLPM(0), sCAI(0), sHPBI(0), sHPEI(0), and sNIPO(+6), 5 indictors in all.
Another important indictor, the Large Scale Manufacturing also grew by 4.12 percent from July-January (2015-16) compared to growth of 2.51 percent during the same period of last year.
In properties registration, an indictor on lands management quality was newly listed in a scale 0 to 35, as Kuwait registered 17.5, it said.
mCommerce is going to be the next megatrend in the region, and smartphone penetration rates in the UAE are a clear indictor of this.
Scientists have identified a simple test of balance that appears to be an important indictor of brain health.
25 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has regarded the partial lifting of the US sanctions against Sudan in the communications field as a indictor on the start openness of the capitalism in the United States to the Sudanese market.