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 (ĭn′dĭ-jēn′, -jən) or in·di·gen (-jən, -jĕn′)
One that is native or indigenous to an area.

[French indigène, native, a native, from Latin indigena; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɪndɪˌdʒiːn) or


an indigenous person, animal, or thing; native


(ˈɪn dɪˌdʒin)

also in•di•gen


a person or thing that is indigenous or native.
[1590–1600; < Middle French < Latin indigena a native]
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Noun1.indigene - an indigenous person who was born in a particular placeindigene - an indigenous person who was born in a particular place; "the art of the natives of the northwest coast"; "the Canadian government scrapped plans to tax the grants to aboriginal college students"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
Levantine - (formerly) a native or inhabitant of the Levant
Mauritian - a native or inhabitant of Mauritius
Filipino - a native or inhabitant of the Philippines
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
Seychellois - a native or inhabitant of Seychelles
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They differ, moreover, to a large extent from the indigenes, for out of the 162 genera, no less than 100 genera are not there indigenous, and thus a large proportional addition is made to the genera of these States.
By considering the nature of the plants or animals which have struggled successfully with the indigenes of any country, and have there become naturalised, we can gain some crude idea in what manner some of the natives would have had to be modified, in order to have gained an advantage over the other natives; and we may, I think, at least safely infer that diversification of structure, amounting to new generic differences, would have been profitable to them.
Those who know him (suspect) said he is a madman and also an indigene of that place.
Jamais livre n'aura montre avec autant de force que sans l'existence d'une economie domestique indigene, autarcique, jamais l'ALN n'aurait pu beneficier de la logistique de sa survie, orge, ble, legumes, animaux de transport, etc.
Commissioner of Police Garba Umar said the attack was carried out by a lone wolf gunman, who is an indigene of the area, local media reported.
Gravement malade, il envoie a la Conference Latino-Americaine des Partis Communistes (Montevideo, 1929) des Theses sur la question indigene qui seront rejetees par la Conference, suivant les propositions des porte-paroles de l'orthodoxie (stalinienne) comme l'Argentin Vittorio Codovilla.
Obedu felt extremely sad and betrayed and he swore that as from that day no indigene of Oba-Ile must ever set his eyes on him again.
met en lumiere de maniere convaincante les obstacles qui peuvent survenir lorsque biomedecine et medecine indigene s'entrelacent au sein d'initiatives internationales.
Cette discrimination fondee sur une politique localisee de l'appartenance est aujourd'hui bureaucratisee : les gouvernements locaux produisent des certificats indigene qui identifient clairement les origines de leur detenteur.
Kondo and Fraga discuss the validity of ethnographic research on the population of the Guarani ethnic group of the Pinhalzinho/Parana Indigene Land, through a different approach and related to linguistic policies.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt announced on July 2 that Gregory Andrews would be the new commissioner as part of a CSIRO-backed review of the terrible health of the indigene mammals.
Conflict on pastoral frontiers in many instances radicalised to the extent that settler violence became indiscriminate and virtually every indigene a potential victim irrespective of age or gender.