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A proposal of Agriculture Technology Incubation and Transfer Center was also shared with the Korean Parliament's members to enhance the agricultural production through developing and indigenizing efficient and environment friendly technologies and its promotion to farming communities of rain-fed areas of Pakistan.
He stressed that the electricity sector has taken rapid steps in indigenizing all the supporting and developed inputs to work within the framework of the strategy set by the ministry in this regard, praising the efforts of the national engineering and technical cadres.
It is a process that Doreen Gamboa Fernandez called 'indigenizing.'
They were speaking at the session titled 'Brainstorming Research Ideas', which was part of a series of events organized by IPS LEAD - the Learning, Excellence and Development Program of Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad - under its initiative 'Indigenizing Policy Research in Pakistan.'
Education systems also need to break out of their post-colonial inheritance to indigenizing systems in which 'language is a library of ideas that allows us to create our own histories.'
In addition, a part of the fund will be utilized for training surgeons and provide research opportunities for making use of robots in complex surgeries as well as indigenizing the production of such technology in India.
"We believe that we can make great achievements in updating and indigenizing licenses needed for petrochemical industry through constructive interaction with industry," Esmaeil Qanbari said, the oil ministry's website reported.
He noted that indigenizing manufacture of turbines is not only cost-effective under the conditions of the US-led sanctions against Iran, but even after the sanction are lifted it will be cheaper and at more competitive prices than foreign turbines.
"This is an open space installation located in a high traffic spot on campus that has the goal of transforming the U of A into becoming a more welcoming and inclusive campus through Indigenizing the institution" said Stewart.
TEHRAN -- Iran's MAPNA Generator Company will manufacture 2.5MW generators through indigenizing related technology by the next 1.5 years, IRNA quoted the company's deputy managing director Hamid Amini as saying on Sunday last.
Among the topics are Eurocentric discourses and African philosophies and epistemologies of education, reframing and indigenizing science education in Africa, and a theoretical analysis of cultural games and mathematics education in Ghana.