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Noun1.indigenousness - nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)indigenousness - nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)
nativeness - the quality of belonging to or being connected with a certain place or region by virtue of birth or origin
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"We need to be equally conscious about relevance of indigenousness of trees being grown and plantation being done with equal care towards requirements of urban and rural areas," he emphasized.
There are even self-proclaimed poor and marginalized who, by virtue of their supposed victimhood, lay claim to public sympathy or office, holding up a kulambo or eating pandesal as proof of their austerity - or showing a DNA test as proof of their indigenousness.
Since at least the 1980s, the concept of indigeneity' or 'indigenousness' has been employed by a variety of social movements around the world in order to secure legal rights or accomplish political goals.
"More than just 'gay Indians'": Intersecting articulations of two--spirit gender, sexuality, and indigenousness. Zimman, Lal, Jenny L.
Many Indigenous people have internalized negative stereotypes about Indigenousness, culture and spirituality, resulting in profound shame and discomfort about their identity, and disconnection from Canadian identity and society.
President Aliyev's speech caused a painful reaction in Armenia, which got used to unpunished attacks to its neighbors with territorial claims and convinced many sympathizing in its delirious "anciency" and "indigenousness" demagogy.
Achieving indigenousness in space, satellite and surveillance capabilities is necessary for Pakistan to maintain credibility of its deterrence especially in crisis situation.
But as literary spirit was a follow-up of political and economic developments, it couldn't realize the ideal of true indigenousness or cultural independence during this period.
In her groundbreaking critique of the philosophical foundations of the modern RJ industry, Richards (2007) reveals how advocates and policy workers perpetuate the origin myths of RJ forums like the FGC through well-worn claims of the forum's "Indigenousness." For example, Richards (2007) writes that the Daybreak report, authored by the Ministerial Advisory Committee (1988) for the New Zealand Department of Social Welfare, is consistently and erroneously portrayed by both RJ advocates and policy entrepreneurs as evidence of extensive Maori influence on the development of the FGC (for examples of this approach, see Fulcher 1999, Lupton and Nixon 1999).
The book is organised into four main parts--discussion of Altman's hybrid economy, from its origins, gaps and manifestations; discussion of the 'state' and its construction of Indigenousness within it; discussion of practical and policy examples of Indigenous entrepreneurship and engagement; and the final section of the book, which provides some personal reflections by Scambary, Nieuwenhuysen and Altman himself upon Altman's career and the impacts of his work.
(28.) Kaushik Gosh, 'Between global flows and local dams: indigenousness, locality, and the transnational sphere in Jharkhand, India', Cultural Anthropology 21 (2006): 501-34.

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