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 (ĭn′dĭ-jĕs′tĭd, -dī-)
1. Not digested; undigested: indigested food.
2. Archaic
a. Not carefully thought over or considered.
b. Formless or shapeless.
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archaic undigested
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(ˌɪn dɪˈdʒɛs tɪd, -daɪ-)

1. without arrangement or order.
2. unformed or shapeless.
3. not digested; undigested.
4. not duly considered.
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THAT evil influence which carried me first away from my father's house - which hurried me into the wild and indigested notion of raising my fortune, and that impressed those conceits so forcibly upon me as to make me deaf to all good advice, and to the entreaties and even the commands of my father - I say, the same influence, whatever it was, presented the most unfortunate of all enterprises to my view; and I went on board a vessel bound to the coast of Africa; or, as our sailors vulgarly called it, a voyage to Guinea.
Although rice gains require some kinds of processing such as grinding and steam-flaking in order to be digested in the rumen since unprocessed rice grains were almost indigested under in situ conditions, grinding with a 2-mm screen as was done in the present study should maximize the starch digestion of starch from rice grains [8].
Within this project, information is no longer simply conceived as indigested fact or 'data' (and hence we will not make reference to 'freedom of information' or 'right to know').
"The Swiss ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the foreign ministry to protest at the US envoy's irresponsible allegations at the UN and convey the Islamic Republic of Iran's strong and official protest at US Envoy to the UN Nikki Haley's indigested and baseless allegations," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Tuesday.
In the present case about 30-35 kg impacted material including 4-5 kilograms of indigested beet root was recovered from rumen and reticulum and also cardia.
In contrast, the microbiome encodes enzymes required for indigested carbohydrate fermentation.
The mixture is then cooled down to room temperature and, sometimes, the pH value is adjusted in order to precipitate the indigested protein.
"We have got our books into our new house," he wrote from Enfield in 1827: "I am a drayhorse if I was not asham'd of the indigested dirty lumber, as I toppled 'em out of the cart." (10)
The 'Ornaments, Exornations, Lightes, flowers, and formes of speech' Peacham gathers in his particular garden are, after all, meant 'by art to perfect and accomplish the rude indigested motions of nature'.
where R(t) = indigested total residue at any time t, B = insoluble potentially digestible fraction, Kd = fractional rate of digestion of B, t = time of incubation in the rumen in h, L = discrete lag time in h, C = fraction not digested after 96 h of incubation.
(All the more reason for a break with Reynaldo and Voltemand!) Contrary to his enunciated tastes, things are not "well digested in the scenes" (2.2.435-36): they are indigested in the scenes.
Those who are sensitive to lactose usually have little or no lactase (an enzyme) in the intestines, and so the indigested lactose travels through the digestive tract to the colon, where it ferments in the lower intestine and causes various symptoms.