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 (ĭn′dĭ-jĕs′tə-bəl, -dī-)
Difficult or impossible to digest: an indigestible meal.

in′di·gest′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′di·gest′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.indigestibility - the property of being difficult to digest
edibility, edibleness - the property of being fit to eat
digestibility, digestibleness - the property of being easy to digest
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(indiˈdʒestʃən) noun
(discomfort or pain which is caused by) difficulty in digesting food. She suffers from indigestion after eating fatty food.
ˌindiˈgestible adjective
not easily digested. This food is quite indigestible.
ˈindiˌgestiˈbility noun
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And imagine me, who had melted a silver spoon in my mouth--a sizable silver spoon steward--imagine me, my old sore bones, my old belly reminiscent of youth's delights, my old palate ticklish yet and not all withered of the deviltries of taste learned in younger days--as I say, steward, imagine me, who had ever been free-handed, lavish, saving that dollar and a half intact like a miser, never spending a penny of it on tobacco, never mitigating by purchase of any little delicacy the sad condition of my stomach that protested against the harshness and indigestibility of our poor fare.
Dietary fiber has many beneficial properties associated with its indigestibility in the small bowel.
The presence of some of the larger forms in the gut, however, may be indicative of their indigestibility, and the authors suggested that the contribution of large zooplankton to the bivalve diet is minimal.
which it offers in anticipation of their indigestibility by the Western
Relatively higher ash content in DRSBCs again indicated the organic fractions was decomposed and retained indigestibility mineral composition during anaerobic digestion process.
Relationship of forage compositions with rates of cell wall digestion and indigestibility of cell walls.
Soybean seed storage protein consists of approximately 6% proteinase inhibitors, Kunitz trypsin inhibitor (KTi, 21 kDa), and Bowman-Birktrypsin inhibitor (BBTi, 7-8 kDa), which also contributes to indigestibility [18].
The indigestibility in the upper gastrointestinal tract, high viscosity, polymeric nature and low affinity for water in the lower gastrointestinal tract are factors responsible for the hypocholesterolemic effect of a fibrous diet.
Debakey and Oschner suggested that hair entrapment in the gastric folds is the initiating event.3 Due to its indigestibility, resilience and slippery nature, it becomes entrapped within the mucosal folds where it gets enmeshed, and acquires more hair and thus acquires a larger size.
Relationships of forage compositions with rates of cell wall digestion and indigestibility of cell walls.
Nutritional significance of cyclodextrins: indigestibility and hypolipemic effect of alphacyclodextrin.