indirect expression

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Noun1.indirect expression - an indirect way of expressing something
equivocation, evasion - a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth
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Was the old man's thoughtful offer of hospitality another indirect expression of the natural human distress which he perversely concealed?
It was not quite unintentionally that Philip had wandered into this song, which might be an indirect expression to Maggie of what he could not prevail on himself to say to her directly.
That said, handedness is just an indirect expression of brain function.
In cases of alienation, the favoured parent may need counselling aimed at reducing negative comments about the rejected parent, helping the parent avoid unconscious and indirect expression of negative feelings about the rejected parent, and educating the parent about the harmful effects alienation has on children.
In an indirect expression of concern about the well- being of the men, the External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said there was "no safety in captivity".
The solution to this problem and a host of others is actually to be found in an unused section of the Oregon Constitution, Section 16 of Article II: "Provision may be made by law for the voter's direct or indirect expression of his first, second or additional choices among the candidates for any office."
Indirect expression in the South is grounded in an array of historical contexts, specifically in courtship negotiations, dueling rituals, and the nineteenth-century preoccupation with honor, gentility, and proper conversational etiquette.
Lyn Merrington follows the themes of Mallarme into the art of Carol Rudyard who also enjoyed the obscurity of indirect expression. Both of these artists brought Mallarme's influences to Australia and into the modern realm of multimedia expression.