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tr.v. he·mag·glu·ti·nat·ed, he·mag·glu·ti·nat·ing, he·mag·glu·ti·nates
To cause agglutination of red blood cells.

he′mag·glu′ti·na′tion n.
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Noun1.hemagglutination - agglutination of red blood cells
agglutination - a clumping of bacteria or red cells when held together by antibodies (agglutinins)
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n. hemoaglutinación, aglutinación de células rojas sanguíneas.
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Serological studies, such as indirect hemagglutination test, ELISA, and indirect fluorescent antibody, are useful in the diagnosis.
Indirect hemagglutination test (IHA) was found to be positive (1/320).
The indirect hemagglutination test (IH) was performed in serum using the TOXO-HAI Kit (Gold Analyses Diagnostic Ltd, MG, Brazil), according to the manufacturer's recommendations; a positive (cut-off) dilution was[greater than or equal to]1:32.
Treponema pallidum indirect hemagglutination test (1/10240) and fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-Abs) test (1/10) resulted positive.
To detect the level of maternal antibodies during different period, a total of 10 piglets were selected and the serum samples were collected at different days after first time immunization using the swine foot and mouth disease type O vaccine (Wenzhou animal disease prevention and control center, Wenzhou, China), i.e., 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 days after and the antibody titer was determined by indirect hemagglutination test (Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences).

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