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Noun1.indirect request - an expression of some desire or inclination; "I could tell that it was his wish that the guests leave"; "his crying was an indirect request for attention"
asking, request - the verbal act of requesting
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These request formulae were also employed by the participants in Shively's (2011) investigation: US learners of Spanish in Toledo (Spain) whose socialisation into the target language made them abandon more indirect request realisations, which would be more typical in their L1 in order to use more imperatives and questions in different commercial SEs.
Many studies, and also the present study, support the fact that the use of hints (the most indirect request) is rare and not very common at early stages.
What are the frequencies of direct and indirect request strategies in emails written by native English-speaking professionals in the workplace?
Ihsanoglu said that the organization had earlier received an indirect request from the Ministry of Boarders in Myanmar to postpone the office opening although the government representative signed a cooperation agreement with the OIC delegation in Myanmar in September.
Remarkably, there was no hint of entitlement on the part of the writer to any emotional support from me, nor any indirect request for condolences, or even the expectation of a response.
Othello next represents Desdemona's response to his stories, which culminates not only in the physical act of kissing but also the indirect request or hint from Desdemona herself that she would want to be wooed by a man who had experienced what Othello had experienced.
He claimed that several years ago during the controversial Orange marches in Bellaghy he had refused to appear on television on behalf of the RUC following an indirect request from ACC Beaney and that had also dented his promotional chances.
Koizumi's reference to the alleged abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea in the summit was taken to indicate Tokyo's indirect request for U.S.
and several Korean letters include both direct and indirect request strategies, so the number of occurrences does not match the number of letters; one U.S.
Apparently, Brown conceded to an indirect request from his former colleague to hold the enquiry behind closed doors.