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The majority of the phenotypic correlations were of low magnitude (Table 2), indicating the difficulty of the indirect selection practice using this type of data.
The morphological traits, which may be affected by genetic and non-genetic factors, are indirect selection criteria in the improvement of live body weight over generations as a result of high genetic correlations.
It is supposed to provide a form of indirect selection of the EU leadership.
Indirect selection: With the selection of another variable different from that of volume, less genetic gain is obtained for this trait when clones are propagated massively.
The most favorable situation for the indirect selection of more productive genotypes was related to the number of pods per plant and number of seeds per plant, which are corroborated by the results observed by Silva et al.
The indirect responses for aquaculture-related harvest traits in different environments were less than one (Table 8), except for selection for survival in the subtidal environment, showing that direct selection is generally superior to indirect selection.
Indirect selection uses some yield components that are more heritable than yield itself and more stable in relation to genetic and environmental factors affecting them.
Hence, the association of water-productive factors of the forage cactus planting system with morphological characteristics can establish new indicators of indirect selection of clones that are more productive and with higher water use efficiency for the different sites or that have wide interannual seasonality of rainfalls (Neder et al., 2013; Pinheiro et al., 2014).
Indirect selection can be operated through the choice of benefit structure and provider structure.