indirect speech

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reported speech

When we tell other people what someone else told us, it is called indirect or reported speech. We use reporting verbs to introduce the information that was spoken previously.
The most common so-called “reporting verbs” are say and tell. When we use tell, we need to use another person’s name, or a personal pronoun representing him or her, as an indirect object.
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indirect speech


indirect discourse

(Grammar) the reporting of something said or written by conveying what was meant rather than repeating the exact words, as in the sentence He asked me whether I would go as opposed to He asked me, "Will you go?". Also called: reported speech

in′direct speech′

the reporting of what a speaker said consisting not of the speaker's exact words but of a version transformed for grammatical inclusion in a larger sentence, as in She said she wasn't going. Compare direct speech.
كلام غَيْر مُباشِر
nepřímá řeč
indirekte tale
óbein ræîa
odvisni govor
dolaylı anlatım

indirect speech

n (Gram) → indirekte Rede


(indiˈrekt) adjective
1. not leading straight to the destination; not direct. We arrived late because we took rather an indirect route.
2. not straightforward. I asked her several questions but she kept giving me indirect answers.
3. not intended; not directly aimed at. an indirect result.
ˌindiˈrectness noun
indirect object
the word in a sentence which stands for the person or thing to or for whom something is given, done etc. In `Give me the book', `Tell the children a story', `Boil John an egg', me, the children and John are indirect objects.
indirect speech
a person's words as they are reported rather than in the form in which they were said. He said that he would come is the form in indirect speech of He said `I will come'.
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Indeed, language inputs regularly feature complex linguistic phenomena such as lexical and referential ambiguity, ellipsis, false starts, spurious repetitions, semantically vacuous fillers, nonliteral language, indirect speech acts, implicatures, and production errors.
Warning in this category may serve as an indirect speech act.
followed by italics, for emphasis or quotation, or just as a form of free indirect speech.
While this indirect speech on the surface implies that Theagenes is similar to Xenophon of Ephesus' Habrocomes in his initial indifference to eros, this is not necessarily true.
So according to him that the only sentence that the modus of the news and wondering bermodus that could be used to express indirect speech acts.
27) From this perspective, indirect speech is merely
From Curtis Sittenfeld's refracting of the Bush political dynasty through a domestic lens in American Wife (2008) to Jeffrey Eugenides's subversion of plot conventions in The Marriage Plot (2011) and Jennifer Egan's experimentation with point of view in A Visit from the Goon Squad (2010), contemporary novelists have played with the rich legacy of nineteenth-century realism: its focus on and valorization of the quotidian and the domestic, its honing of the marriage plot as well as multiplot form, and its formal experimentation with point of view, particularly by means of free indirect speech.
Tenders are invited for Provide direct and indirect speech, occupational or physical therapy services to students ages 3-21 in the school setting at various locations throughout the district.
In this free indirect speech, which the narrator uses at every step on the narrative on Raoul Spifame, lives any instability of these enunciative marks, any ex-centricity and all the meanings of the relationship between reason and madness, reality and fiction.
Hence the importance of eyewitness accounts, ipsissima verba ('words actually spoken') and the use of direct and indirect speech in this examination of five landmark texts, three of which are chronicles by Crusade participants.
In terminology, the use of non-core aspects and metaphors and in the syntax part, we compare the active versus passive, short versus long and direct speech versus indirect speech, a comparison of gender of the writers has been paid.
An examination has been made of the interplay between the direct and indirect speech acts which steer the plot to its inevitable conclusion.