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Not discriminating: an indiscriminating judgment.
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(ˌɪn dɪˈskrɪm əˌneɪ tɪŋ)

not discriminating.
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Adj.1.indiscriminating - not discriminating
indiscriminate - not marked by fine distinctions; "indiscriminate reading habits"; "an indiscriminate mixture of colors and styles"
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A casual and indiscriminating observer, in passing, might not cast a second glance upon the figure.
-- was all that Catherine had to say, for her indiscriminating eye scarcely discerned the colour of the satin; and all minuteness of praise, all praise that had much meaning, was supplied by the general: the costliness or elegance of any room's fitting-up could be nothing to her; she cared for no furniture of a more modern date than the fifteenth century.
From cold, calculating, highly intelligent perversity it had deteriorated into the indiscriminating, dangerous menace of the mentally defective.
Victor has a preference for Hunsden, full as strong as I deem desirable, being considerably more potent decided, and indiscriminating, than any I ever entertained for that personage myself.
"We need to send a strong message, which is to support and strengthen a free, fair and indiscriminating trade system."
(22) As Erdinast-Vulcan observes, Freya's use of the piano, "as an instrument of sexual communication, is curiously indiscriminating" (1991, 27).
'So, there should have been concrete alternative not only in terms of where to dump refuse but also in terms of cost implications before shutting down the site,' he insisted, adding that 'what the government should have done is to manage the site more effectively to prevent heath and environmental risks and as well ensure that the law against indiscriminating dump of refuse in the city is enforced.'
What it wants is simply direct reality--as much, as concentrated, as exciting and as indiscriminating as possible.
The chairman of the committee expressed concerns over the matter and said the companies would close their business in the country if government's department is indiscriminating with them.
Some dimensions in the subspace may contain indiscriminating information such as illumination [5, 15].
I have learned enough Hebrew to order rugelach at the shuk (open air market in Israel), enough about architecture to help design a building, enough chords to play guitar in front of indiscriminating crowds, enough HTML to build (and occasionally crash) a website, enough about how to operate deep fryers, convection ovens, and commercial dishwashers to work the line, enough about medicine to know the difference between Coxsackie and Hand-Foot-and-Mouth (same thing, actually), and enough about copier machines to solve almost every jam I've caused.
The Chief Minister Punjab said profiteers are enemies of the people and indiscriminating crackdown should be launched against them.