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Lack of discrimination or judgment.

in′dis·crim′i·na′tive adj.
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If any one part of their proceedings can be said to deserve less blame than another, it was the singular indiscrimination with which they persecuted, not merely the poor and aged, as in former judicial massacres, but people of all ranks; their own equals, brethren, and wives.
KARACHI, December 06, 2011 (Balochistan Times): President Asif Ali Zardari Thursday said that Shaheed Salman Taseer wrote with his blood a new chapter in the history of PPPs continued struggle for human rights, democracy and indiscrimination. He said this while talking to Mrs.
| (with photos) GENEVA, Nov 2 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has urged the Japanese Government to approve the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and enact laws that prohibit indiscrimination against this segment of the society of the Asian nation.
It also calls on North and South Sudan to implement the peace accord, affirms respect of territorial sanctity of Libya, renews call for resolving the Somali conflict and pledges determination to face all forms of indiscrimination against women.
gender indiscrimination. Chairman of the Qatari Human Rights National Committee Dr.
One of the methods for resisting indiscrimination against religious and racial minorities is boosting tolerance and combating all forms of radical ideologies, he has suggested.
Separately Garhi Yasin, A married woman identified as Ms Sajida wife of Asadullah Shar was gunned down at her house at village Abdul Rehman Shar next to Garhi Yasin when a few unknown armed attackers believed to be Shar community opened indiscrimination firing at house which resulting she got grave wounds and succumbed to her injuries over an old dispute between two groups of Shar community and managed to escape.
'Despite paying huge electricity bills, people of Gwadar have been deprived from power in hot temperature which is indiscrimination with people of port-city.' The detained protesters told to Journalists via telephone added the QESCO officials spreading baseless stance of recovery in Gwadar.
They said that they donated generously for this noble cause without any political indiscrimination.
'Action against corrupt elements is being taken across the province without any indiscrimination and with public support progress has been made against corruption in the province,' he said, adding that accountability courts had sentenced several accused.
It also stated that NAB has proved its indiscrimination through its action as NAB's first and last attachment only with Pakistan.
SE warned that the operation was continued against power theft without any indiscrimination and stern action would be taken against defaulters as per law.