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1. Permanent; binding: an indissoluble contract; an indissoluble union.
2. Impossible to dissolve, disintegrate, or decompose: an indissoluble compound.

in′dis·sol′u·bil′i·ty, in′dis·sol′u·ble·ness n.
in′dis·sol′u·bly adv.


n (Chem) → Unlöslichkeit f, → Unlösbarkeit f; (fig)Unauflöslichkeit f, → Unauflösbarkeit f
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It was some comfort (to those whose securities were not in jeopardy) to be able to remind themselves that Beaufort WAS; but, after all, if a Dallas of South Carolina took his view of the case, and glibly talked of his soon being "on his feet again," the argument lost its edge, and there was nothing to do but to accept this awful evidence of the indissolubility of marriage.
The Catholic Church upholds the indissolubility of marriage; he accepts divorce.
Second, Jordan argues persuasively that Christian theology, with its ambiguities about the indissolubility of marriage and its conflicts about erotic sexuality, has served heterosexual couples as poorly as it has gays and lesbians.
It is remarkable that their truth is found only in their indissolubility.
In relatively modern history, in Christendom before the 10th century, the Catholic view of the indissolubility of marriage prevailed in Catholic countries and was entrenched in their laws.
The indissolubility of marriage was part of the divine natural order and
The former, he says, is oriented to the nuclear family, requires only the consent of the partners, emphasizes monogamy and indissolubility, and recognizes (more or less) equality between partners.
At stake for Christine is the indissolubility of human identity in the idea of God, as her pronoun's haunting of the introductory epistle's vocabulary insists: "die," "Lie," "I," "smiling," "bride," "climb," "ripe," "life," "sigh," "reply" (p.
However, to maintain, as HC do, that the Spirit authorized the scriptural authors to modify substantially Jesus' teachings on divorce and remarriage is to hold that the Spirit helps Jesus' disciples not only appropriate and develop what God revealed in and through Jesus, but also make real exceptions to the absolute indissolubility he taught, and thus contradict his teaching.
Perhaps it might be better said that loving words affirm the indissolubility of violence and affection in the master-slave relation, and that the love the master speaks is a love for and of himself extended in the pleasures of property.
Governmental legislation regarding women's rights and family was narrow and reactionary, and affirmed the indissolubility of marriage and the state control of prostitution.
The indissolubility of marriage was the basis of the work of the Patriarchal court, and lost virginity and honor under the pretext of a promise of marriage occupied the work of the Executors.