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Lacking distinguishing qualities; not distinctive.

in′dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.


1. without distinctive qualities
2. unable to make distinctions; undiscriminating
ˌindisˈtinctively adv
ˌindisˈtinctiveness n


(ˌɪn dɪˈstɪŋk tɪv)

1. without distinctive characteristics.
2. incapable of or not making a distinction; undiscriminating.
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Without definite or distinctive characteristics:
References in classic literature ?
And as for her own rejected suitor, Fairfax Munroe, except for a kind of grave and proper motherliness about his protecting manner, he absolutely was the most indistinctive of them all.
This pattern of tumor shows an indistinctive margin and may involve a particular region or appear diffusely throughout the lungs.
Being able to identify the factors that influence male and female academic performance could better help administrators, instructors and policymakers establish measures to improve student academic performance; (2) companies and organizations that require accountants will be better able to hire better qualified candidates indistinctive of their gender [2].
They seem to be painted in watercolor, their edges blurred and indistinctive from the air around them.
Louboutin lost (both at the trial level and on appeal) because the YSL shoes were completely red, rendering the sole indistinctive (Christian Louboutin vs.
Parvatiyar and Sheth (2000) stated that CRM and relationship marketing are terms that are frequently used in an indistinctive manner in the marketing literature.
It is notable that 48 hrs later, the scratch in 100 ng/mL LPP was almost closed with an indistinctive shrinking in the control group.
By drawing memory into such an immemorial or murmuring zone, he wants to emphasize an ultimately indistinctive profile that resists all attempts to distinguish the subject to whom a particular memory "belongs." In Novalis's terms, no subject has a natural origin but only a retroactive and therefore artificial one (Schriften 1 253).
For racist and radical action groups, the indistinctive and decentralized infrastructure (Olssen and Peters, 2015) of the Internet indicates that they are no longer identified.
With the purpose of removing indirect and indistinctive interactions in the background PPIN, Person correlation coefficient (PCC) was implemented to assess the edge scores, which evaluates the probability of two co-expressed gene pairs (21).
With the rise of new materialisms, the 'world' appears to have fallen out of favour as an unwieldy, amorphous entity that contains too many indistinctive human--nonhuman constellations to be of any use.
13 tumors (59.1%, 13/22) had close relations with renal medulla and the others (40.9%, 9/22) were indistinctive huge tumors of which the origins could not be confirmed.