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Lacking distinguishing qualities; not distinctive.

in′dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.


1. without distinctive qualities
2. unable to make distinctions; undiscriminating
ˌindisˈtinctively adv
ˌindisˈtinctiveness n


(ˌɪn dɪˈstɪŋk tɪv)

1. without distinctive characteristics.
2. incapable of or not making a distinction; undiscriminating.
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Without definite or distinctive characteristics:
References in classic literature ?
And as for her own rejected suitor, Fairfax Munroe, except for a kind of grave and proper motherliness about his protecting manner, he absolutely was the most indistinctive of them all.
By drawing memory into such an immemorial or murmuring zone, he wants to emphasize an ultimately indistinctive profile that resists all attempts to distinguish the subject to whom a particular memory "belongs.
For racist and radical action groups, the indistinctive and decentralized infrastructure (Olssen and Peters, 2015) of the Internet indicates that they are no longer identified.
With the rise of new materialisms, the 'world' appears to have fallen out of favour as an unwieldy, amorphous entity that contains too many indistinctive human--nonhuman constellations to be of any use.
Hoping to do something "constructive" for Beirut, he stopped tagging the walls with an indistinctive graffiti scrawl and began creating his now-famous calligraphy-infused murals in the hope of reminding Lebanon of its cultural past.
However, given that Mr Peter "Grand Pooh-Bah of British Politics" Mandelson expressed the view that he was "intensely relaxed at people becoming filthy rich", a view somewhat indistinctive to the Conservative Party, perhaps a key objective for the Labour Party is to replace the NuLab Tory-Lite contingent with credible, competent Labour politicians, who will put the interest of the Labour Party and of the UK first and foremost.
Localizability-aided localization [LAL] with Indistinctive Approach:
Despite the ideological differences, which to me, frankly, are rather indistinctive, all the traditional parties in Lithuania tend to be centre-oriented on most economic issues.
Both Thailand ("Kitchen of the world") and Malaysia ("Malaysia kitchen for the world") use the words kitchen and world in their slogans, which may make them indistinctive.
Different from the meaning attributed to the competencies as it has been implemented since the 90s, and having as reference the genesis of knowledge, we make a distinction here of the conceptual understanding of the term competency, which in our opinion has been used in an indistinctive way, and this generalization is leading to misunderstandings.
The subgenus Frendelia is similar to the subgenus Scotominettia, but the latter has the following diagnostic characters: face having small or indistinctive elliptical protuberances on lower margin; arista being short plumose with longest setulae shorter than half of 1st flagellomere or pubescent with microscopic hairs; base of wing being yellow; pregonites being absent and postgonites having a pair of coniform or subuliform process; phallus being membranous or sclerotized, square or rectangular and blunt or truncated apically.