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1. Not clearly or sharply delineated: an indistinct pattern; indistinct shapes in the gloom.
2. Faint; dim: indistinct stars.
a. Hazy; vague: an indistinct memory; an indistinct notion of how to proceed.
b. Difficult to understand or make out: indistinct speech.

in′dis·tinct′ly adv.
in′dis·tinct′ness n.
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Noun1.indistinctness - the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines
opaqueness, opacity - the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light
dimness, faintness - the quality of being dim or lacking contrast
vagueness - indistinctness of shape or character; "the scene had the swirling vagueness of a painting by Turner"
distinctness, sharpness - the quality of being sharp and clear
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عَدم وضوح، عَدَم تَمَيُّز
skortur á skÿrleika


(indiˈstiŋkt) adjective
not clear to the eye, ear or mind; not distinct. an indistinct outline of a ship; His speech is rather indistinct.
ˌindiˈstinctly adverb
ˌindiˈstinctness noun
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"And do you observe, where those trees slope down the hill, (indicating them with a sweep of the hand, and with all the patronising air of the man who has himself arranged the landscape), "how the mists rising from the river fill up exactly those intervals where we need indistinctness, for artistic effect?
Let us take a view of the converse of the proposition: "the Senate would influence the Executive." As I have had occasion to remark in several other instances, the indistinctness of the objection forbids a precise answer.
To the left, with strange indistinctness, almost like something human struggling to assert itself, came the fitful flash from the light at the entrance to the tidal way.
Here, then, are three sources of vague and incorrect definitions: indistinctness of the object, imperfection of the organ of conception, inadequateness of the vehicle of ideas.
The two halted, the nearer to us standing and facing Sun- bury, the remoter being a grey indistinctness towards the evening star, away towards Staines.
It was as if there had been something within it, protected by indistinctness and corresponding in extent with the opaque surface behind, the painted panels of the last barrier to his escape, of which the key was in his pocket.
In order to free his mind from this indistinctness and duplicity of impression, which vexed it with a strange disquietude, he recalled and more thoroughly defined the plans which Hester and himself had sketched for their departure.
Imagine it: Those rigid, shock-headed figures, with corpsy complexions and fish glass eyes, occupying one side of the table in the constrained attitudes and dead fixedness that distinquish all men that are born of wax, and this wrinkled, smoldering old fire-eater occupying the other side, mumbling her prayers and munching her sausages in the ghostly stillness and shadowy indistinctness of a winter twilight.
Up the beach by the boathouse a bonfire was burning, raining up sparks into the indistinctness of the dawn.
How absurd to be resuming the agitation which such an interval had banished into distance and indistinctness! What might not eight years do?
Of the rushing couples there could barely be discerned more than the high lights--the indistinctness shaping them to satyrs clasping nymphs--a multiplicity of Pans whirling a multiplicity of Syrinxes; Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing.
Sparsit received into her mind, set off with such an unavoidable halo of confusion and indistinctness, that when at length he climbed the fence and led his horse away, she was not sure where they were to meet, or when, except that they had said it was to be that night.