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1. Not distinguishable, especially:
a. Impossible to differentiate or tell apart: indistinguishable twins; markings that make a moth indistinguishable from its background.
b. Impossible to discern; imperceptible: a sound that was indistinguishable to the human ear.
2. Difficult to understand or make out; vague: indistinguishable speech.

in′dis·tin′guish·a·ble·ness, in′dis·tin′guish·a·bil′i·ty n.
in′dis·tin′guish·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.indistinguishability - exact sameness; "they shared an identity of interests"
sameness - the quality of being alike; "sameness of purpose kept them together"
oneness, unity - the quality of being united into one
selfsameness - the quality of being identical with itself
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The presence of these micro anatomical elements creates an element of indistinguishability in the longitudinal pathways of CFs so the knowledge of these variations is of paramount importance in identification of fascicles.
Every decade has been shaped in its dark silhouette, every generation has been whipped into malleability without any inkling of the reason for its indistinguishability, every non-majority community has seen its shadow become a recurring nightmare.
To improve the indistinguishability, emitters funnel light through an optical cavity where the photons bounce back and forth, a process that helps match their properties to the cavity.
We imagine indistinguishability, the elimination of minority languages, minority cultures in its wake.
For one thing, they need to achieve 100 percent indistinguishability in the photons produced.
Still, the commentator Jayamangala identifies an atisayokti, or "intensification," on the basis of an otherwise unremarkable phrase, namely, that Rama was "Laksmana's like in garb and in form." This, he explains, is because a statement that the two brothers are identical to the point of indistinguishability (na tu pratyaksapramanaparicchedya) transgresses the boundaries of possibility in the world (lokatikrantavacanam), for "surely there was some difference between the two" (avasyam ca kascid viseso 'sti).
To claim that "we are always already disabled," I do not ignore the injustice of social and economic inequality involved with disability, nor do I offer the categorical indistinguishability of dis/ability as an easy solution to ableism.
We prove that our proposed scheme satisfies the ciphertext and trapdoor indistinguishability in the random oracle [20][21].
(14.) The idea is the same as Friedman's (1959) contention that indistinguishable competing currencies lead to an infinite price level, since indistinguishability implies a fixed-exchange rate.
The close relationship between apprehension and imagination could verge on indistinguishability, reflecting Reynolds's argument that not only certain apprehended objects but also the "forme and qualitie" of apprehension itself "proceeds from ...
Suppose the SDDH problem is hard; the dCRKS instance can achieve dCRKS ciphertext indistinguishability.