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Noun1.individualisation - discriminating the individual from the generic group or species
discrimination, secernment - the cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished
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Contract notice: Individualisation of the heating costs of the groups of bretagne sud habitat having a collective heating and setting up of a tv raises for the residences equipped with counters ecs.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is to step up the individualisation of its three mass-market, brands making them each more distinct to reduce overlaps and defuse tensions within the car making group, according to chief executive.
The technicians say the new effects have never previously been available in plastics and are designed to help brand owners offer individualisation, as well as helping products stand out at the point of sale.
Highlighting the exclusivity and unique nature of the ultra-luxury marque's renowned Bespoke Programme, the model, which was 18 months in the making, has already prompted strong interest from local automotive enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle in luxury and individualisation.
societal gangs, and on the late modern challenges of individualised social responsibility and the use of social relations in managing individualisation problems.
This fourth parameter builds upon the individualisation offered by the current Anateo family of lenses.
People want institutionalized routine--it appeals to their desire for individualisation and restraint--but then they suffer from these routines crowding out rituals in which shared meaning might be generated.
of Strathclyde, UK), "took the concept of social capital as both a topic for examination and a resource for development in facing the issue of re-forming professionalism in the context of enhanced competition and individualisation," with a focus on educational settings.
Bespoke is Rolls-RoyceA1/2s offer for a further individualisation of the motor car beyond the option list," he concluded.
Bespoke is Rolls-Royce[acute accent]s offer for a further individualisation of the motor car beyond the option list.
Digital production technology will be the answer to meet the region's increasing demand for individualisation in flooring and furniture design as well as innovation in printing of surfaces and components, say industry experts.
HI Research has applied for a patent on this process, described as 'Volume Hologram, master for the production of standard elements of the volume hologram and method for the retroactive individualisation of the hologram for use on personal documents and valuable documents,' invented by Gunther Dausmann and Irina Men.

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