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1. One that asserts individuality by independence of thought and action.
2. An advocate of individualism.

in′di·vid′u·al·is′tic adj.
in′di·vid′u·al·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.individualistically - in an individualistic manner
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Concepts specific to the horn are explored thoroughly (as opposed to methodology of traditional music theory), which allows readers to use their imagination to apply ideas individualistically when the need arises--unusual and refreshing
Some commentators, however, argue that the reference also works well with the opposite meaning, namely, that the Reformation's "overturning of a communal tradition of worship in the interest of the individual's apprehension of personal righteousness imputed through his unique relationship with God" bears a resemblance to the generation of Nick's parents who seek personal happiness individualistically and who were "never interested in keeping up" small but symbolically important standards such as detachable collars (see R.
the rise of personal politics, individualistically oriented studies on behavior and affect theory of connection.
It is a cross-pollinated crop species and different genotypes are expected to behave individualistically for tolerance to abiotic stresses.
Egyptians are individualistically driven, always inclined to place their personal desires above the nation's interests.
or in simple judicial language, each crime is treated individualistically.
In this cultural context and in this specific post-conflict setting, an individualistically oriented clinical approach would have alienated the coauthor as intern from the individuals and families he was trying to reach.
As Daniel Payne writes, "the Orthodox tradition understands the human being ecclesially rather than individualistically.
Moreover, although some researchers (see Chiou, 2001; Tsai, 2000; Wink, 1997) have suggested that rapid economic development, success, interaction with the majority group, and adherence to the dominant cultural value of individualism might make immigrant groups such as Chinese Americans more competitive and individualistically oriented, the Chinese American participants in this study remained loyal to their cultural orientation of collectivism.
804, 827 (2014) ("Unless we attend to the ways in which political power is actually mobilized, organized, exercised, and marshaled, then policy proposals based on an individualistically driven vision of politics, or on non-grounded abstract democratic ideals such as 'participation,' or 'equality,' can perversely contribute to undermining our institutional capacity to govern.
For instance, in a seminal study, Fiske (2002) showed that individualistically oriented people were more likely to "free-ride" in larger groups, whereas collectivists did not or hardly reacted to group size in their decision of whether to free-ride or not.
Also, because this medical school ranks among its country's most prestigious, selective institutions of higher education, its students may not be wholly representative of their peers elsewhere in Colombia; for instance, they may be more individualistically competitive, self-confident, and optimistic.