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1. One that asserts individuality by independence of thought and action.
2. An advocate of individualism.

in′di·vid′u·al·is′tic adj.
in′di·vid′u·al·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.individualistically - in an individualistic manner
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As the reams of research on the subject has shown, even teams made up of the smartest people will underperform if team members act individualistically. The dynamic between two key players in the driverless car evolution, Chris Urmson and Anthony Levandowski, vividly illustrates this key point.
They commanded individualistically, even heroically.
While some might see the need for limits, a very strong strand of thinking emerged that choice can be exercised by its holder so as to suit one's preference, individualistically, absolutely: "They're mine [a good or resource]; I paid for them, they belong to me, they're for my use." (C01_P07).
Fourth, the guidance offered by schemata cannot be understood individualistically. That is, we cannot understand the way that the internalization of the queuing norm guides Igor's behavior without understanding that what he has internalized is something essentially public, as an instance of a norm that has been internalized by multiple agents for the coordination of their behavior.
Beyond simply the production of dominant discourses, HKH's hybrid market subject, (4) the 'authentic craftswoman', is neither individualistically entrepreneurial nor culturally essentialised.
Concepts specific to the horn are explored thoroughly (as opposed to methodology of traditional music theory), which allows readers to use their imagination to apply ideas individualistically when the need arises--unusual and refreshing!
Some commentators, however, argue that the reference also works well with the opposite meaning, namely, that the Reformation's "overturning of a communal tradition of worship in the interest of the individual's apprehension of personal righteousness imputed through his unique relationship with God" bears a resemblance to the generation of Nick's parents who seek personal happiness individualistically and who were "never interested in keeping up" small but symbolically important standards such as detachable collars (see R.
the rise of personal politics, individualistically oriented studies on behavior and affect theory of connection.
The idea of statistical convergence for sequences of real numbers was introduced by Fast [3] and Steinhaus [6] individualistically. This concept has been studied by many researchers in different set-ups such as in normed linear spaces, in probabilistic normed spaces, in intuitionist fuzzy normed spaces, and in locally convex spaces.
It is a cross-pollinated crop species and different genotypes are expected to behave individualistically for tolerance to abiotic stresses.
or in simple judicial language, each crime is treated individualistically. However, currently and as per the context of the law, deportation is mandatory in such crimes."