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1. Incapable of undergoing division.
2. Mathematics Incapable of being divided without a remainder: The number 15 is indivisible by 7.

in′di·vis′i·ble·ness, in′di·vis′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′di·vis′i·bly adv.
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[ˌɪndɪˌvɪzəˈbɪlətɪ] Nindivisibilidad f
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(indiˈvizəbl) adjective
not able to be divided or separated.
ˈindiˌvisiˈbility noun
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Siblewski's thoroughly researched biography reflects not only the life of an artist but also his art as his life -- an indivisibility that is captured for the reader by narration, photographs, autographs, snapshots, and quotations.
He managed to disrupt the existing status quo by questioning "Jerusalem's indivisibility," but then notified the public that he will not make concessions regarding the city's holiness.
The indivisibility of their nation is the same argument that our American hero, Abraham Lincoln, used in defending a war against the South to preserve the Union.
We affirm the universality and indivisibility of human rights and call for stronger enforcement of human rights treaties and redress to victims.
Living at a time of growing religious and political intolerance, when Islam was experiencing great schisms, and the emergence of many and varied sects was starting to have widespread repercussions, the call of the Sufi, the spiritual exponent of God's unity and indivisibility as well as his tolerance, was a reaction to those who were acting in a divisive manner
Next page we read: "Complementarity of demand will reduce the marginal risk of growing and diversified investments but will be below a minimum threshold at which the complementarity of demand may therefore be called indivisibility of demand" (p.
Illuminating literary criticism, on (for example) the indivisibility of life and writing in Proust (pp.
Much is made of the indivisibility of family and business life, and this is usually relayed through the author's recollections of his very extensive extended family.
The orientation, cohesion, inner unity, and indivisibility of the one ecumenical movement are in jeopardy.(7) Certainly, the crisis of the ecumenical movement does not need to be belabored with this audience.
Much of information economics has focused on inappropriability and indivisibility, yet standard conclusions are open to challenge, once probing of the matching of information characteristics and information-handling capabilities is admitted.
In a lengthy interview with NRL News, Cassidy explained that in his view "the Pro-Life Movement operates firmly within the mainstream of American values." While the question of motivation within the Movement is complex, it is clear that it is propelled in large measure by operating principles which are "firmly within the historic liberal tradition of respect for the indivisibility of human rights."
However, it may be asked whether the non-exclusive view that all three persons indwell by self-communication in their mutual distinctions does better justice to texts like John 14:23 and the Western authoritative teaching on the indivisibility of the works of the Trinity.