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1. Incapable of undergoing division.
2. Mathematics Incapable of being divided without a remainder: The number 15 is indivisible by 7.

in′di·vis′i·ble·ness, in′di·vis′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′di·vis′i·bly adv.
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[ˌɪndɪˈvɪzəblɪ] ADVindivisiblemente
to be indivisibly linked to sthestar indisolublemente ligado a algo
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(157) Taking advantage of their trans-regional religious status within the fluid and hybrid Malay world, the sada remained irretrievably separate, yet indivisibly part of the Malay world.
At the end of the same review of Emma, Scott thus adjures writers of fiction: "It is by no means [the error of the young] to give the world or the good things of the world all for love; and before the authors of moral fiction couple Cupid indivisibly with calculating prudence, we would have them reflect, that they may sometimes lend their aid to substitute more mean, more sordid, and more selfish motives of conduct, for the romantic feelings which their predecessors perhaps fanned into too powerful a flame" (Southam 68).
(1) Personal property owned by you or owned indivisibly by all unit-owners;
The Arizona Tax Court ruled that a trademark subsidiary be included in the printing company's combined return because its only assets were under exclusive license to the company and therefore were incorporated indivisibly into the printing products.
If I had to leave Summerhill Square, Frank Lloyd Wright's extraordinary Fallingwater; indivisibly part of the enchanted forest riverscape that surrounds it.
What Aristocratic Power Is--Aristocracy is the highest public power, which is granted jointly and indivisibly to a few colleagues.
Plomin usefully illustrates this in his discussion of the often misunderstood concept of "heritability." He notes length and width contribute equally and indivisibly to the area of a single rectangle.
The 20th Century's physical revolution is indivisibly part of a semantic revolution that is more effective at the psychological level--and therefore at the physical level--than the Christian revolution, the Reformation, the Franco-American revolutions, or the Darwinian revolution that freed mankind from thralldom to priestcraft.
Next month, Mr Jones will set out his priorities on the language, linking the future of Welsh "totally indivisibly" with the economy of the rural areas.
Private goods can be provided separately to different individuals with no external benefits or costs to others; public goods have benefits or costs that are spread indivisibly among the entire community or even the entire planet.
In fact the only matter there is is divisibly extended and the only metaphysical beings there are are indivisibly unextended.
Ernst van den Haag makes the case against subsidies, arguing that the state should only be involved in public support when the benefits of a good are indivisibly collective, and where the state can supply that good more efficiently than the market.