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1. Incapable of undergoing division.
2. Mathematics Incapable of being divided without a remainder: The number 15 is indivisible by 7.

in′di·vis′i·ble·ness, in′di·vis′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′di·vis′i·bly adv.


[ˌɪndɪˈvɪzəblɪ] ADVindivisiblemente
to be indivisibly linked to sthestar indisolublemente ligado a algo
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Second poser: In the 1990 and 1999 Constitutions, Second Chapter titled 'Fundamental Objectives and Directives of State Policy' it is clearly stated that it is unfair, as all previous Nigerian Constitutions had assumed, that the goals of development and social justice cannot be pursued simultaneously and indivisibly, that 'development' must take place first before economic redistribution can take place.
However, in Kazantzakis's vision the very concept of the individual is indivisibly amalgamated with the universal rhythm of the elan vital.
Stanner once wrote that there were three 'fundamental' Aboriginal 'postulates' about the world: 1) that 'human corporeal life was indivisibly in pair with spiritual life'; 2) that 'the corporeal and spiritual elements were believed to cohere so indissolubly that, as a necessary condition of the continuity of life, each person was with or of a locality, or a locality with or of him or her'; and 3) that "for each and every person of a clan or similar group there was unity of title, of possession, of interest and of time (except that the unity of time extended to the unborn and the dead as well as the living)' (Stanner and Martin 2001:108-109, original emphasis).
Certainty is then linked indivisibly to positive prospects, and the opposite is true, that greater uncertainty is directly related to negative future prospects.
Similarly, the African tree of knowledge stems from ubuntu with which it is connected indivisibly.
By now it will have become apparent that the police institution creates a kind of personhood indivisibly intertwined with rank.
Recollection therefore had a more potent role in oral cultures: the primarily non-literate early modern audience relied upon memory; the actor presents "memory as an artistic form"; and thus the "distracted globe" of the mind is replicated in, and indivisibly linked to, the plays that were enacted on the Globe's stage.
This oriental concept of seeing "humans in oneness with nature is based on the principle of identified relationship that the two are one, that their relations are mutually and indivisibly correlated" (Nomura, 1998: 125).
At this juncture dreams were on the threshold of the personal entering the realm of the cosmos where science and spirit would become indivisibly entwined.
The actual label gamergate arose in response to a number of articles published online by various outlets that criticise the 'gamer' identity as one indivisibly tied up with an immature, sometimes-violent masculinity.
And since the will to undertake the redemptive Kenosis is itself indivisibly trinitarian.