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She walked indo- lently along, with a mind at rest, its peace reflected in her innocent face.
After the Permo-Triassic boundary the dinosaurs-largest land animals along with mesoeucrocodiles and pterosaur-the flying reptiles were occurred during the Mesozoic of Indo- Pakistan.
This article summarizes the findings of some studies analyzing genetic differences in alcohol-metabolizing enzymes between Indo- and Afro-Trinidadians that might account for some of the observed differences in alcohol dependence.
In searching for possible explanations for the differing alcoholism rates in Indo- and Afro-Trinidadians, researchers have examined the prevalence of various alleles of the alcohol- and acetaldehyde-metabolizing enzymes.
Another analysis investigated the association of alleles of another type of ADH, ADH1B, with alcohol dependence, drinking history, and liver function in Indo- and Afro-Trinidadians (Ehlers et al.
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