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A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic drug, C19H16ClNO4, used especially in the treatment of some forms of arthritis. Also called indometacin.


(ˌɪndəʊˈmɛθəsɪn) or


(Pharmacology) a drug administered orally to relieve pain, fever, and inflammation, esp in rheumatoid arthritis. Formula: C19H16ClNO4
[C20: from indole + meth- + acetic acid + -in]


(ˌɪn doʊˈmɛθ ə sɪn)
a substance, C19H16ClNO4, with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic properties.
[1963; indo (le) + meth (yl) + ac (etic) + -in1]
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Noun1.indomethacin - a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Indocin)
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID - an anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids; "NSAIDs inhibit the activity of both Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes"
acetic acid, ethanoic acid - a colorless pungent liquid widely used in manufacturing plastics and pharmaceuticals


n indometacina
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First group was control (CTL), second was given indomethacin 3 mg/kg (INDO) while groups AVL, AVM, and AVH were given 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg doses of Aloe vera gel extract orally for a period of 28 days.
After initial recordings, indomethacin (10 mg/kg) was injected, and respiratory excursions, ECG, and blood pressure were recorded.
In addition, the odds of hospitalization for heart failure doubled for diclofenac, etoricoxib, indomethacin, piroxicam, and rofecoxib when dosed at two or more daily dose equivalents, the researchers noted.
diclofenac ibuprofen indomethacin ketorolac naproxen nimesulide piroxicam
They performed a double-blind, randomized trial comparing oral indomethacin against oral prednisolone in 416 patients who presented during a 2-year period to the emergency departments of four Hong Kong hospitals, where acute gout typically is treated in the ED.
Rats were divided randomly into four groups: Group A; received intramuscular injection of indomethacin in male rat, Group B; was received intramuscular injection of indomethacin in female rat, Group C; received intramuscular injection of indomethacin and thyme volatile oils in male rat and Group D; received intramuscular injection of indomethacin and thyme volatile oils in female rat.
RESULTS: In our study it was demonstrated that there was significant reduction in amount granuloma formation with trianthema portulacastrum which was comparable to that of indomethacin.
After 30 min each group of animals received indomethacin (20 mg/kg orally) except baseline-intact group.
Among the 17 born without optimal maternal courses of antenatal steroids (ANS), the investigators found that just one of eight children dosed with indomethacin developed a severe brain bleed, compared with six of nine who did not get indomethacin.
penicillata, namely, anti-inflammatory properties and gastritis protection against indomethacin in male adult guinea pigs.
Its gastroprotective mechanism in ethanol-induced ulcer were partly due to intensification in the endogenous production of nitric oxide, an antioxidant effect by replenishing depletion of endogenous nonprotein sulfhydryls and attenuation of tumor necrosis factor-a increase, whereas in indomethacin ulcer, it is partly due to a reduction in the plasma level of leukotriene B(4).