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1. Of, situated in, or intended for use in the interior of a building: an indoor pool; indoor paint.
2. Carried on within doors: an indoor party; indoor gardening.


adj (prenominal)
of, situated in, or appropriate to the inside of a house or other building: an indoor tennis court; indoor amusements.


(ˈɪnˌdɔr, -ˌdoʊr)

located, used, or existing inside a building: indoor plumbing.
[1705–15; aph. variant of within-door]


1. 'indoors'

Indoors is an adverb. If you go indoors, you go into a building.

It started to rain, so we went indoors.

If something happens indoors, it happens inside a building.

The children were playing indoors.
2. 'indoor'

Indoor is an adjective used in front of a noun. You use it to describe objects or activities that exist or happen inside a building.

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool.
We'll think of some indoor games to play if it's wet.
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Adj.1.indoor - located, suited for, or taking place within a building; "indoor activities for a rainy day"; "an indoor pool"
interior - situated within or suitable for inside a building; "an interior scene"; "interior decoration"; "an interior bathroom without windows"
outdoor, out-of-door, outside - located, suited for, or taking place in the open air; "outdoor clothes"; "badminton and other outdoor games"; "a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"
2.indoor - within doors; "an indoor setting"
interior - situated within or suitable for inside a building; "an interior scene"; "interior decoration"; "an interior bathroom without windows"
krytýv místnosti
inni-, innanhúss-
esantis vidujeį vidųvidujevykstantis viduje
trong nhà


A. ADJ [shoes] → para estar por casa; [plant] → de interior; [stadium, pool] → cubierto; [photography] → de interiores
the house had no electric light or indoor plumbingla casa no tenía luz eléctrica ni instalación de agua en el interior
B. CPD indoor aerial Nantena f interior
indoor athletics Natletismo m en sala or en pista cubierta
indoor football Nfútbol m (en) sala
indoor games NPLjuegos mpl de salón


[ˌɪnˈdɔːr] adj
[shoes, photography] → d'intérieur; [plant] → d'appartement
[swimming pool, market, arena] → couvert(e)
[sport, games] → pratiqué(e) en salle
[championship, event] → en salle


adjInnen-; clothesfür zu Hause or zuhause (Aus, Sw); indoor activityBeschäftigung ffür drinnen; indoor aerialZimmerantenne f; indoor cycle trackRadsporthalle f; indoor marketüberdachter Markt; indoor plantZimmerpflanze f; indoor sportHallensport m; indoor swimming pool (public) → Hallenbad nt; (private) → überdachter Swimmingpool; indoor tennis courtTennishalle f; indoor tournament (Sport) → Hallenturnier nt; indoor workArbeit, die nicht im Freien ausgeführt wird; indoor air pollutionInnenraumluftverschmutzung f; indoor gamesSpiele plfürs Haus, Haus- or Zimmerspiele pl; (Sport) → Hallenspiele pl


[ˈɪnˌdɔːʳ] adj (shoes) → da casa; (plant) → da appartamento; (sport, table tennis, squash) → praticato/a al coperto; (athletics) → indoor inv; (tennis court) → al coperto; (swimming pool) → coperto/a; (photography) → di interni; (hobby) → da praticare a casa
indoor aerial → antenna interna
indoor sports stadium → palasport m inv


(ˈindoː) adjective
used, done etc inside a building. indoor games; an indoor swimming-pool.
ˌinˈdoors adverb
in or into a building. Stay indoors till you've finished your homework; He went indoors when the rain started.


دَاخِلٌ krytý indendørs Innen- εσωτερικός techado sisä- d’intérieur unutrašnji coperto 屋内の 실내의 overdekt innendørs- wewnętrzny interior, interno находящийся в помещении inomhus- ในร่ม kapalı alan trong nhà 室内的
References in classic literature ?
Four footmen and two chauffeurs from here, eleven gardeners and three indoor servants from the country," he replied.
In a deep leather chair, his feet resting in another deep leather chair, at the Indoor Yacht Club, Harry Del Mar yielded to the somniferous digestion of lunch, which was for him breakfast as well, and glanced through the first of the early editions of the afternoon papers.
These matters, together with the management of the land still left on his hands, and the indoor work over his book, so engrossed Levin the whole summer that he scarcely ever went out shooting.
I let him know that his cousin would very likely sit with us, and she had been always used to see the Sabbath respected; so he had as good leave his guns and bits of indoor work alone, while she stayed.
The head of one of the regular indoor messengers attached to Tellson's establishment was put through the door, and the word was given:
I'd make a shift, and fend indoor and out, to give you more liberty-- more than you can have now, for you've got to get your own living now, and I'm strong enough to work for us both.
Almost immediately a man, pale-faced, with full dark eyes and olive complexion, dressed in the sombre garb of an indoor servant, stood at his elbow.
Do you mean, Sir Percival, that I am to dismiss the indoor servants under my charge without the usual month's warning?
He paused in his breakfast, and crossing his arms, and pinching his shirt-sleeves (his notion of indoor comfort was to sit without any coat), he nodded to me once, to put my question.
It was a large room over the milk-house, some thirty feet long; the sleeping-cots of the other three indoor milkmaids being in the same apartment.
the indoor servants only), one after another, in the order of their rank, from first to last.
From time to time these happy indoor people stopped to listen, or one held up his finger and cried 'Hark

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