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(ˈɪndjʊˌlaɪn) or


(Dyeing) any of a class of blue dyes obtained from aniline and aminoazobenzene
[C19: from indigo + -ule + -ine2]


(ˈɪn dyəˌlin, -lɪn, ˈɪn dlˌin)

any of a large class of dyes yielding colors similar to indigo.
[1880–85; ind(igo) + -ule + -ine2]
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Soy flour Soy 7B was sourced from Archer Daniel Midland (USA), and the lignin was Indulin AT, a technical kraft lignin sourced from Ingevity (USA).
By using model compound library, the carbonyl functional groups in Indulin Kraft and Alcell lignins were quantified and classified for the first time.
Acrylic resin was obtained (Meliodent, Bayer Dental, Newbury, Berkshire, UK) and Kraft Lignin (Lignin, Kraft; INDULIN at; {(C[H.sub.3]O)(OH) Ar([C.sub.3][H.sub.4]O)}x) was kindly supplied by MeadWestvaco Corp.
The lignin was a kraft lignin (Indulin AT provided by Meadwestvaco).