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n. Roman Catholic Church
An authorization granted by the pope, allowing a bishop or diocese to deviate from canon law in some particular.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin indultum, from Late Latin, concession, gift, from Latin indultum, neuter past participle of indulgēre, to be kind.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a faculty granted by the Holy See allowing a specific deviation from the Church's common law
[C16: from Church Latin indultum a privilege, from Latin indulgēre to indulge]


an often temporary dispensation granted by the pope, permitting a deviation from church law.
[1525–35; < Medieval Latin indultum, n. use of neuter of Latin indultus, past participle of indulgēre to indulge]
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Reception of the Eucharist in the hand was permitted in Australia in late September 1975 after the bishops petitioned Rome for an indult allowing this practice; though it is important to note that this did not take place without a degree of protest from more conservative bishops like Bishop Bernard Stewart of the Diocese of Sandhurst.
Martin Yelle a signe son indult de secularisation en mars 2012, mettant fin a son engagement comme frere apres 22 ans de vie religieuse.
69: femina ingens animi, munia ducts per eos dies indult, Ann.
In preparing the new norms, the two things he misunderstood, Olmst-ed said in the letter, were that the indult that expired in 2005 was for extraordinary ministers of Communion to purify the sacred vessels after Communion, not for their help distributing Communion; and that the instructions of GIRM 283 make distribution under both formsbroad, not restricted.
The potential publicity of an immoral and a dangerous sexuality indult by this lake of privacy was one of the major fear of the French society.
The effort was ultimately successful, and resulted in what was dubbed the "Agatha Christie Indult," because Pope Paul VI was a fan of the mysteries and recognized her among the signatories.
For example, an indult denied for the use of a drinking straw for a priest dying of throat cancer, unable to swallow the host; the Franciscan monopoly on erection of Stations of the Cross.
And don't forget that our pope has granted an indult for the Latin Mass that he has asked our bishops to apply generously.
Full of humor and relevance for today, the title gave a hint of things to come: Itt A Vege Pedig Milyen Unalmas Napnak Indult (The End Has Come, Even Though the Day Started Out So Dull).
37) The Congregation's 1984 circular letter Quatuor abhinc annos created a process by which groups of laity that met certain conditions could apply to their bishop for an indult to celebrate according to the 1962 missal, and the 1988 motu proprio, Ecclesia Dei, created a pontifical commission to oversee this process.
32) For example, Archbishop Rush in reply to a letter from one Society member regarding the Australian Hierarchy's decision not to apply for the Indult noted: "No doubt the reason why most Bishops would hesitate to do so would be because of some of the attitudes your Society adopts to the Novus Ordo Missae of Pope Paul VI," going on to cite Gibson's "Position Paper" which he had presented to the annual Bishops' meeting in January 1974 in which Gibson claimed that the New Mass was "heretical.
bishops asked the Holy See for an indult to expand possible days for Communion under both kinds to Sundays and other holy days, he said.