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n. Roman Catholic Church
An authorization granted by the pope, allowing a bishop or diocese to deviate from canon law in some particular.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin indultum, from Late Latin, concession, gift, from Latin indultum, neuter past participle of indulgēre, to be kind.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a faculty granted by the Holy See allowing a specific deviation from the Church's common law
[C16: from Church Latin indultum a privilege, from Latin indulgēre to indulge]


an often temporary dispensation granted by the pope, permitting a deviation from church law.
[1525–35; < Medieval Latin indultum, n. use of neuter of Latin indultus, past participle of indulgēre to indulge]
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Second, it specifies that this investigation is to be done in light of "the general laws governing the structure and meaning of the liturgy and from the experience derived from recent liturgical reforms and indults conceded to various places.
111) Me Guy du Rousseaud de la Combe, Recueil de jurisprudence canonique et beneficiale, par ordre alphabetique : avec les pragmatiques, concordats, bulles & indults des papes, ordonnanees, Edits & Deelarations de nos Rois ; Arrets & Reglements intervenus sur cette Matiere dans les differens Tribunaux du Royaume, jusqu'a present, Paris, Delalain, 1755, sub verbo << femme separee >>.
144) PiusXII, Sacram communionem: Motu Proprio whereby the indults granted by the Apostolic Constitution "Christus Dominus" are extended, in ACR 34 (April 1957): 97-98.
Bishops were already closely controlled by the Vatican, particularly through the countless indults that had to be obtained for any ecclesial initiative beyond established policy or routines.
Jesus Torres, was the primary signatory on official documents such as indults, releasing religious from solemn vows, a seemingly clear exericise of jurisdiction.
Further, he assured the gathering, the federation's collaboration would be sought as the bishops' committee discusses indults and issues germane to U.
In private discussion, the announcement about an indult brought a sigh of dismay from one delegate.
From the beginning, the indults gained only the prisoners' release from prison.
Still, for innocent prisoners whose cases have been reviewed by the commission, the nightmare doesn't end with the presidential indult.