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 (ĭn′do͞o-mĕn′təm, -dyo͞o-) also in·du·ment (ĭn′də-mənt, -dyə-)
n. pl. in·du·men·ta (-mĕn′tə) also in·du·ments
A covering of fine hairs or scales.

[Latin indūmentum, garment, from induere, to put a garment on; see endue.]
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n, pl -ta (-tə) or -tums
(Biology) an outer covering, such as hairs or down on a plant or leaf, feathers, fur, etc
[C19: Latin, literally: garment]
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Noun1.indumentum - a covering of fine hairs (or sometimes scales) as on a leaf or insect
covering, natural covering, cover - a natural object that covers or envelops; "under a covering of dust"; "the fox was flushed from its cover"
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A dense indumentum is usually related to the increment of a boundary layer in plants, which ends up decreasing the transpiration rates and reflecting the excessive light, as well as increasing the defenses against herbivores (Schreuder et al, 2001; Carmona et al., 2011).
Indumentum whitish, tawny or ocraceous, largely exceeding the length of the spikelet.
Different type of indumentum shows considerable among species (Table 3).
Morphologically similar to Senecio genisianus in its subsucculent leaves, attenuated into petioliform bases, peduncle length, solitary discoid capitula, and number of phyllaries, slightly connateproximally, but distinguished by its subshrubby habit, mostly elliptical to suborbiculate leaves, leaf indumentum of long spreading septate hairs, and lower number of florets.
Frutex 2-4 m altus; cortex brunneo-rubellus ad griseus leviter fisuratus; ramuli teretes ad leviter compressi hirtuli vel pilosi, hoc indumentum persistens ut in petiolo, costa, nerviis lateralibus et inflorescentia.
Greyish indumentum and presence of fuzzy tomentum, scarce and deciduous, mainly in the midrib.
Which of the following is an element: indium, indusium or indumentum? 9.