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 (ĭn-do͞o′plĭ-kĭt, -dyo͞o′-)
adj. Botany
Having the edges folded or turned inward.
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(ɪnˈdjuːplɪkɪt; -ˌkeɪt) or


(Botany) (of the parts of a bud) bent or folded inwards with the edges touching but not overlapping
inˌdupliˈcation n
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(ɪnˈdu plə kɪt, -ˌkeɪt, -ˈdyu-)

1. (of a calyx or corolla) rolled inward and bent toward the axis of the flower.
2. (of leaves in a bud) rolled inward and arranged about the axis without overlapping.
[1820–30; in-2 + duplicate]
in•du`pli•ca′tion, n.
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Within the Solanaceae, Cyphomandra belongs to the subfamily Solanoideae and tribe Solaneae, characterized by flattened seeds with curved embryos and abundant endosperm, valvate, induplicate, or plicate corolla a estivation, and filaments inserted near the base of the anthers (Bohs 1995).
Subsequently, the cells (106/tube) were stained induplicate withFITC-anti-CD3 and APC-antiCD56 at room temperature for 30 min, respectively.
In an attempt to rein in on the spread of counterfeit currencies in the country, the Yemen Central Bank (YCB) released in August what was touted as induplicate bank notes.
and distal marginal folds induplicate. Epidermal cells rectangular;
Plication with proximal and distal marginal folds induplicate. Epidermal
induplicate. Epidermal cells rectangular; adaxial and abaxial anticlinal
induplicate. Epidermal cells rectangular to slightly rhombohedral;
lobed at apex; induplicate folding; venation palmate or costapalmate
Plication proximal section not available; distal marginal folds, one margin reduplicate, the other margin induplicate. Epidermal cells rectangular, elongate; adaxial and abaxial anticlinal walls linear.
This character separates palms into two groups--palms with reduplicate (L-shaped) folding and palms with induplicate (V-shaped) folding.
These features are associated with almost constant features such as a single cataphyll, coleoptile present or absent, entire eophyll, reduced axis, parallel or palmate venation, induplicate plication, epidermal cells rectangular or sometimes rhombohedral, major veins associated or not associated with ridges, phloem strands 1-3, and metaxylem vessels 1-2.
The features associated with this type are two or more cataphylls, coleoptile present, segmented eophyll, distinct axis, pinnate or palmate venation, proximal plication induplicate, distal plication induplicate, epidermal cells rectangular, major veins associated with ridges, phloem strands 1-2, and metaxylem 1-2.