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Noun1.industrial bank - a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workersindustrial bank - a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workers
consumer finance company, small loan company - a finance company that makes loans to people who have trouble getting a bank loan
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Washington, DC Industrial Bank has announced it has celebrated its 85th anniversary as the only African-American family owned bank in the area, the company said.
Nelnet announced it has withdrawn its application with the FDIC the Utah Department of Financial Institutions To establish Nelnet Bank, a Utah-chartered industrial bank. Nelnet filed the industrial bank charter application on June 28.
1 -- Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has granted state-lender Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) to open a branch in the Philippines.
THE West Midlands needs its own industrial bank if economic growth is to be achieved, a leading professional has warned.
International Resource News-December 16, 2011--Xi'an TCH Energy Technology Co receives energy saving and emission reduction loan from Industrial Bank Co.
China's Industrial Bank Company (601166.SH) has said that it was planning to sell up to CNY50bn (USD7.62bn) worth of bonds by the end of 2012, reports Dow Jones.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The value of the Industrial Bank's development loans offered in 2010 amounted to SYP 5,055 billion and the number of beneficiaries reached 3572 clients.
Project name: IBK- PTA and Pet Complex Name of Client: IBK - Industrial Bank of Kuwait Budget: $300 million Main contractor: Not yet appointed Facility type: Purified Teraphtalic Acid (PTA) Status: Feasibility Study PMC: Not yet appointed Location: Shuaiba Project status Industrial Bank of Kuwait (IBK) along with its partners plans to set up a purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and polyethylene teraphthalate (Pet) complex in Shuaiba industrial city.
The new bank was created through the merger of the Emirates Industrial Bank (EIB) and the Abu Dhabi-based the Real Estate Bank in June last year.
Damascus, 08 Sept: The Syrian Minister of Finance, Mohammad al-Hussein said that the ministry has approved a law proposal to increase the capital of the Real Estate Bank, Industrial Bank, the Popular credit Bank and Saving Bank to SP15 billion per each to double by ten fold.

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