sensor network

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sensor network


wireless sensor network

(Computer Science) computing a network of tiny autonomous devices embedded in everyday objects or sprinkled on the ground, able to communicate using wireless links
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[10] Wu LQ, Xu S (2014) Research on the performance test of wired/wireless heterogeneous industrial control network. Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology IV, Applied Mechanics and Materials (Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, Switzerland), pp 1665-1670.
SMX reduces the administrative cost and burden associated with less effective methods of verifying and controlling the use of removable media in the industrial control network.
Keywords: Industrial control network, WiFi-based long-distance network, real-time traffic, time delay, 2P-MAC
[USPRwire, Thu Jul 09 2015] The industrial control network is a system of interconnected equipments that are used to examine and control physical equipments in the industrial environments.
Its connection is normally handled by an Ethernet network, respectively with the use of industrial control network. The functionality of whole system affects this network connection, and its failure strongly disturb control and production processes.
Wells' Dairy, a LeMars, Iowa-based ice cream manufacturer, not only chose the integrated approach to RFID starting with production, but decided to use its industrial control network infrastructure to manage its RFID hardware.
So the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system is developed in this paper, using real hardware controller and industrial control network to build distributed control system (DCS).
A recent Kaspersky Lab report found that more than three quarters (77%) of companies believe their organization is likely to become the target of a cybersecurity incident involving their industrial control networks. To help ICS business executives and security professionals find the best approach to address this concern, the Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Conference is a platform to discuss cybersecurity trends and the threat landscape.
But perhaps more significant for production environments was the loss of the idea that industrial control networks were somehow safe from such mayhem.
Belden, a global provider of signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, and its Tripwire brand announced a strategic partnership with Claroty, a provider of cybersecurity for industrial control networks, the company said.
Although the original Mencom straight MIN size III cordsets satisfied the demanding requirements of the industrial control networks and applications, Mencom has continued to improve the quality and usability of these connectors.

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