industrial loan company

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Noun1.industrial loan company - a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workersindustrial loan company - a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workers
consumer finance company, small loan company - a finance company that makes loans to people who have trouble getting a bank loan
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As LPL considers the option of buying an industrial loan company (instead of a bank), it says it would like to take cash sweep assets, for example, "and put [them] into a high-grade portfolio to capture more of the spreads than we're able to capture today," Casady explained.
The unitary thrift charter already provided an opportunity for owning a depository institution, as did the industrial loan company charter offered by a few states.
here said Friday it is withdrawing the application it made in July 2005 for an Industrial Loan Company (ILC) charter.
-- Wal-Mart, which has been steadily trying to expand its presence in the financial services industry, has met with resistance in its latest effort to open an industrial loan company (ILC).
The prospect of Wal-Mart operating its own bank prompted nearly 2,000 comment letters to the FDIC since last July, when it applied for approval as Wal-Mart Bank under a Utah industrial loan company (ILC) law.
Providing custom-tailored loans for real estate investment is the focus at First Hawaiian Creditcorp, Hawaii's largest locally owned industrial loan company. Loan officers are experienced in the complexities of real estate investment, including rental cash flows, land subdivisions, 1031 exchanges, and the construction process.
The firm had filed an application to become an 'industrial loan company' and was planning to offer loans and deposit accounts to small businesses.

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