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Noun1.industry analyst - an analyst of conditions affecting a particular industry
oil-industry analyst - an analyst of the oil industry
analyst - an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions
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A compilation of industry analyst projections indicates that the volume of data downloaded to wireless devices will reach approximately 20 trillion bits per day by year-end 2005 - roughly equal to 2,500 music CDs, three million photographs, or one billion e-mail messages.
This is its (the Clinton administration's) way of signaling to Congress it (the issue) is going to be back on its lap again,'' said Ira Loss, health industry analyst with HSBC Washington Analysis.
At press time, one industry analyst agreed that they would get their full 2|cents~ by April 1.
We still see many of the traditional drivers influencing the Western European IT services market, including a constrained supply of labor and the outsourcing of noncore activities," said Robert De Souza, industry analyst for Gartner Dataquest's IT services Europe group.
Gasoline prices at the pump dropped less than a half cent as they approached an end to their yearlong decline, an industry analyst said Sunday.
The company gains a renowned supply chain industry analyst and management professional bringing over 25 years of business experience in business planning, global supply chain, product marketing, and business development.
5, 2006 should read: PIRIBO, a well known BioPharma Industry analyst, reported that the annual organ and tissue transplantation market in the U.
BOSTON -- OutStart, the leading provider of software solutions for learning and knowledge-sharing, today announced it will be hosting a Webcast with Claire Schooley, senior industry analyst, Forrester Research.
PITTSBURGH -- A new, independent report from industry analyst company The 451 Group acknowledges LogicLibrary, the leader in design-time service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance and software reuse, and its flagship product - Logidex - for its SOA capabilities.
We're extremely honored to be part of the Staffing Industry Analyst list, and proud to be so highly ranked," said Bob Dickey, EVP of Technologies at Randstad U.
Case Study Presentations Include JetBlue, Verizon Wireless and Xerox; IBM and Featured Leading Industry Analyst Also Join Growing Roster of Conference Speakers
as an Industry Analyst Group of GLOBALCOMM(TM) 2006.

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