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Lack of refinement or polish.
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(ɪnˈɛl ɪ gəns)

1. the quality or state of being inelegant; lack of elegance.
2. something that is inelegant.
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Noun1.inelegance - the quality of lacking refinement and good taste
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
gracelessness, clumsiness, awkwardness, stiffness - the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)
dowdiness, drabness, homeliness - having a drab or dowdy quality; lacking stylishness or elegance
manginess, seediness, shabbiness, sleaziness - a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing
tweediness - an informal, homely, outdoor look characteristic of those who wear tweeds
grossness, raunch, vulgarity, commonness, coarseness - the quality of lacking taste and refinement
crudeness, roughness - an unpolished unrefined quality; "the crudeness of frontier dwellings depressed her"
uncouthness, boorishness - inelegance by virtue of being an uncouth boor
ostentatiousness, pomposity, pompousness, pretentiousness, splashiness, ostentation, puffiness, inflation - lack of elegance as a consequence of being pompous and puffed up with vanity
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste
elegance - a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"
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عَدَم أناقَه أو لَباقَه
nedostatek elegance
elegancia: az elegancia hiánya
skortur á glæsibrag; smekkleysi


nUneleganz f; (of clothes, person also)Mangel man Schick or Eleganz; (of style also)Schwerfälligkeit f, → Unausgewogenheit f; (of prose, phrase also)Ungeschliffenheit f, → Plumpheit f, → Schwerfälligkeit f; (of dialect)Derbheit f, → Schwerfälligkeit f
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(inˈeligənt) adjective
not graceful; not elegant. She was sprawled in a chair in a most inelegant fashion.
inˈelegantly adverb
inˈelegance noun
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Of pride, indeed, there was, perhaps, scarcely enough; his indifference to a confusion of rank, bordered too much on inelegance of mind.
She smiled at my inelegance of speech, and answered that 'our connection as employer and employed was certainly dissolved, but that she hoped still to retain the pleasure of my acquaintance; she should always be happy to see me as a friend;' and then she said something about the excellent condition of the streets, and the long continuance of fine weather, and went away quite cheerful."
It has been wrongfully accused of inelegance; when wading about in shallow water, which is its favourite resort, its gait is far from awkward.
They asserted that as far as inelegance was concerned there is no difference between men and women.
The widespread adoration of Gongoli and Siloh, two paragons of inelegance, challenges the essence of Mende haleisia as noble, potent and dangerous.
He said it seems disrespectful to the institution and its tradition and worried that the 'sartorial inelegance' will be looked upon unfavourably by outsiders.
Wilson quite properly skewered Frederick Ahl's translation of the Aeneid (2007) by singling out this line for its inaccuracy and inelegance:
Although the Air Force was working on such a system, The President's Board of Consultants on Foreign Inelegance Activities, which was asked to review the program, was skeptical that the WS-117L could provide the needed capability: its 100-foot resolution was to crude to provide strategic intelligence, the program was running late, and it was encountering technical difficulties.
The former general manager of Al-Arabiya television channel and former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper stated in his article titled "The story of an inelegance officer's records" that the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group has been cooperating with their Qatari allies for more than two years to destabilize the Egyptian community intentionally, using the Palestinian cause as an excuse; however, in reality, "they don't really care." Rashed was basically talking about the article published in the New York Times by David D.
The narrator moves from passage to passage in the course of his tale, and we feel these series of enclosures for the strange inelegance of the byways through which we are made to burrow, traversing as it were the ellipses in Deleuze and Guattari's model: and ...
The prosecutor director Lahore of Inelegance Directorate and investigative officer has confirmed amount submitted by the company.
The want of pillars conveys a disagreeable impression of heaviness and inelegance; the buildings are themselves too small, the entrances are mean, and the interior coveys more of the gloom of a vault or prison, than of the awe which ought to attach to a place of worship.