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1. Disqualified by law, rule, or provision: ineligible to run for office; ineligible for health benefits.
2. Unworthy of being chosen; unfit: considered her ineligible for the job.
One that is not eligible.

in·el′i·gi·bil′i·ty n.
in·el′i·gi·bly adv.
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Noun1.ineligibility - the quality or state of being ineligible
qualification, making - an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something; "her qualifications for the job are excellent"; "one of the qualifications for admission is an academic degree"; "she has the makings of fine musician"
uninsurability - the quality of being uninsurable; the conditions under which an insurance company will refuse to issue insurance to an applicant (based on standards set by the insurance company)
eligibility - the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan"
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n (for benefits, grant) → Nichtberechtigtsein nt; (for election) → Unwählbarkeit f; (for job, office, as husband) → mangelnde Eignung, Untauglichkeit f


(inˈelidʒəbl) adjective
not eligible. Children under eighteen years of age are ineligible to vote in elections.
inˌeligiˈbility noun
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PTI has got a stay order from Sindh High Court due to ineligibility and also due to the fact that CBC was getting additional charges of Rs 500 from the residents of the area for providing water tanker to resident.
A period of ineligibility of three months shall be imposed.
KARACHI -- Under Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) anti-doping rules, a three-month period of ineligibility has been imposed on SNGPL batsman Imran Butt pursuant to his request for an 'Agreed Sanction'.
Having considered all of the evidence and taken expert external advice, the BCCI has accepted Pathan's explanation of the cause of his ADRV, and on that basis has agreed that a period of ineligibility of five months should apply, together with the disqualification of certain results," the board added.
Mr Tareen is an asset to the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and his ineligibility to contest next elections will surely weaken the PTI position in Punjab as he is the most powerful person in the PTI after Mr Khan.
The GAA Committee imposed a period of ineligibility of six months on Mr O'Sullivan following a hearing on February 13, 2017.
3) That Nawaz, over the next six months, participates under the auspices of PCB in programs of Anti-Corruption education, which may include amongst other things, delivering lectures on Anti-Corruption at such places and to such audiences as the PCB Vigilance and Security Department deems fit; and during the period of Ineligibility as described under Article 5(a)(ii), Nawaz's central contract executed with PCB will stand suspended and no new contract will be offered to him.
According to the applicable rules, the minimum period of ineligibility in this situation is a sanction of two years but can be increased to up to four years in the case of aggravating circumstances.
In her appeal to the CAS, Ms Sharapova seeks the annulment of the Tribunal's decision to sanction her with a two-year period of ineligibility further to an anti-doping rule violation," sport's highest tribunal said in a statement.
Other reasons for a determination of ineligibility include: The applicant did not sign the required documents; The applicant did not prove occupancy or ownership; The damage is to a secondary home or a rental property, not a primary residence; Someone else in the household has also applied for and received help; A FEMA housing inspector cannot reach the applicant by phone; The applicant did not maintain the required flood insurance coverage for the damaged property.
Consequently, if they should commit any further act of corrupt conduct they are liable to (i) further separate disciplinary proceedings for breaches of the relevant Code or rules and (ii) in the case of Asif and Butt and where such breach occurs during the suspended part of their original period of ineligibility, the activation of that suspended period of ineligibility.
It grants juries the ability to recommend periods of parole ineligibility immediately following a guilty verdict in second-degree murder cases.