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Lacking or displaying a lack of eloquence.

in·el′o·quence n.
in·el′o·quent·ly adv.


lacking eloquence or fluency of expression
inˈeloquence n
inˈeloquently adv


(ɪnˈɛl ə kwənt)

not eloquent.
[1520–30; < Late Latin]
in•el′o•quence, n.
in•el′o•quent•ly, adv.


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Although the recording of voice notes cannot rid the researcher from a desire for narrative structure, I discovered that they could reflect more of the rawness of experience and the ineloquent ways in which emotions overcome us during fieldwork.
Many intellectuals pointed to the "insufficiency" of English, which was considered to be "'rude' and 'barbarous', inexpressive and ineloquent, and it did not have the technical vocabulary required in specialised domains of language use" (Nevalainen 1999: 358).
stunningly ineloquent (albeit unanimous) opinion upholding the
Paul Caton Lazy, ineloquent and woefully ill-informed.
The narrator's very striving for exactitude is alienating because it paradoxically undermines mimesis, but also because its results are, by traditional literary standards, jarringly ineloquent, overwritten, rambling, or stilted.
To drive home the point, an ineloquent but clearer re-titling of the subtitle might be this: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and the General Implications of Those Non-Aristotelian Systems.
We will not attempt to assess the quantity of escape conducts from the military environment, as a series of meteorological difficulties inherent in statistics would force us to refer to factors with a random, situational, ineloquent character: land, air, navy, internal forces, firefighters, border guards etc.
though thou may'st disdain By my ineloquent lips to breathe thy strain; Thy minister altho' I may not be, To win the wild world by sweet minstrelsy: Yet from my own, my inmost soul, Thy chariot, Spirit, do not roll, Nor leave those chambers dark and desolate Where long ago thy glorious presence sate
Despite this, the marvelous speech abandons him upon return, lost to an ineloquent stream of "Qui, monsieur
289) This policy could also be seen simply as ineloquent, creating unintended consequences rather than conflict.
Only where the past and future emerge forth from him is a presentness produced, the ineloquent welcome of erotic mourning.
But these are overshadowed by far longer tracts of ineloquent dialogue and unnecessarily crude and juvenile moments.