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Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable: "Those war plans rested on a belief in the ineluctable superiority of the offense over the defense" (Jack Beatty).

[Latin inēluctābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + ēluctābilis, penetrable (from ēluctārī, to struggle out of : ex-, ex- + luctārī, to struggle).]

in′e·luc′ta·bil′i·ty n.
in′e·luc′ta·bly adv.
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Noun1.ineluctability - the quality of being impossible to avoid or evadeineluctability - the quality of being impossible to avoid or evade
sure thing, certainty, foregone conclusion - something that is certain; "his victory is a certainty"
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It is our deep aversion to time and its ineluctability; our antipathy to its inexorable and elusive progress towards change, impermanence and death.
Ineluctability is used in situ reinforced conservation Gallery with sagital section and charge of more than 5 times of discussed system for sustainability.
BARDO (TAP) - "Deeply convinced of the ineluctability of our countries' common destiny, Francophonie promotion remains our common interest," National Constituent Assembly (NCA) President Mustapha Ben Jfar said at the opening of, Monday in Bardo, of the 10th Regional Seminar of Mediterranean Francophone Parliament Officials.
The infuriating inevitability that the punished Corinthian King's boulder would roll down the hill every time he tried to roll it up is an apt analogy for the ineluctability that the characters of Mirror cannot change the past.
While acknowledging the ineluctability of periodization, Jameson also criticizes such gestures and, along the way, undercuts the pat narrative of modernism's supersession of realism: "Modernism is an aesthetic category and realism is an epistemological one; the truth claim of the latter is irreconcilable with the formal dynamic of the former.
He understood that at those moments that history lashes out at a people, violence is unavoidable; what he also knew was that we must never mistake its ineluctability for legitimacy.
The record of modern states on this front, however, should leave some doubt about the ineluctability of this "logic." States have accepted and often also encouraged a variety of collective identities, both local and international.
(61) Hart has an unblinking appreciation of the ineluctability of judicial discretion.
It is precisely this sense of the ineluctability of imaginative disappointment and his own uncompromising acknowledgement of this fact that makes London "the real scene" for the poet's imagination:
The media bias and buzz about Ron Paul's supposed "ineluctability" may actually be an attempt to kill the best chance the Republicans have to recapture the White House in 2012.
Unfortunately, it is not so easy to escape the ineluctability of History and this is exemplified in the epigraph of The Human Stain: "what is the rite of purification?
For them, the ineluctability of the realist security dilemma, whereby one actor's security is another actor's insecurity, epitomizes all that is wrong with mainstream (largely American) security theory.