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Not equitable; unfair.

in·eq′ui·ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inequitably - in an inequitable manner; "their father's possessions were inequitably divided among the sons"
equitably - in an equitable manner; "the inheritance was equitably divided among the sisters"
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Widespread adoption of voucher or similar plans would fragment the United States along religious, ethnic, social class, ideological, and other lines while driving up the costs of education in a country already suffering from inadequate and inequitably distributed funding for public education.
Both overinvestment and real estate speculation reflect insufficient and inequitably distributed domestic demand that would encourage investment in production to meet local needs.
In addition, the applicability of interest netting only to situations in which there is at least one "non-zero" balance is inequitably restrictive.
In sociospatial terms, the question can take at least two forms: (1) Are the services of overlapping local governments distributed inequitably among neighborhoods differentiated by class?
Ceplo argues that the wetlands are being regulated inefficiently and inequitably.
'In our system hardly 480 MGD water is available against the requirement of 1,000 MGD,' the CM said, adding 'If we distribute it equitably everyone will get a sip and if it is distributed inequitably then it will quench some people's thirst but others will die [of] thirst.'
'If we distribute it equitably everyone would be able to get a sip of water and if it is distributed inequitably then some people would extinguish their thirst and others would die thirsty, this is the case in the city either we have to share the shortage or do favour to some people'.
The irony is that both home spun gentlemen were striving to conclude a realistic adjustment programme with the IMF so that the expected hardship could be spread over the populace less inequitably and more gradually.
"However, communities suffer when banks don't invest enough, lend inequitably, or invest irresponsibly in a way that fuels displacement."
In 2015, seven families and a nonprofit organization sued the state, alleging a range of constitutional violations, including the state government's refusal to change the boundaries of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul school districts; creating charter schools; and inequitably distributing resources.
"We had the most inequitably funded education system in the country.
ALTHOUGH PHYSICIAN BURNOUT RECOG nizes no gender boundaries, some experts say its symptoms and severity typically affect men and women inequitably.