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Specifically, we focused on SES-related horizontal inequity and examined whether and how the probability of utilizing a comprehensive set of health services varies among individuals with equal need but different SES.
Yet, while there are many accomplishments to celebrate, we must remember that the health gains have not been shared equally between and within countries, and that inequity remains the greatest challenge for health and sustainable development in the Americas.
Can years of gender pay inequity be wiped out in a single stroke?
Even more so, she speaks of the potential inequity created by diverting scant resources to pay for such expensive treatments, which would mean those resources are not available for the benefit of the majority.
And the state has failed to live up to its promise to correct the inequity, he said.
This dissertation offers insights relevant to diversity and equitable pedagogy through careful consideration of the complicated strategies used by participants in their negotiations of Yoruba identities within a context of social inequity and colonialism.
"Seeing that the station is being deemed unimportant by some, and the administration's inequity has become unending, an open and composed media is what we need so as to help citizens make up their beliefs," Mitri uttered whereby he voiced his support to transform the station into a public institution.
Title I funds are intended to reduce inequity by supplying additional dollars to schools serving low-income children.
Ashmus, co-founding partner of Frantz Ward LLP, an entrepreneurial law firm, located in Cleveland, Ohio, focused on the inequity self-employed individuals are subject to in the form of an additional tax on the cost of their health insurance.