inertial reference frame

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Noun1.inertial reference frame - a coordinate system in which Newton's first law of motion is valid
coordinate system, frame of reference, reference frame, reference system - a system that uses coordinates to establish position
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All those considerations concerning the principal possibility of superluminal motions have led Tangherlini, in the future, to his own version of the transformations of the spatial coordinates and time being moved from one inertial reference frame into another one, which is different from the Lorentz transformations.
Given a local (moving) inertial reference frame, the clocks of which are synchronized to the "preferred" (resting) intertial reference frame assigned to the Universe as a whole ((double dagger]), an observer located in this local (moving) reference frame, should register an inverse (1 + | cos 0) effect on the physically observed velocity of the light signals (photons) assigned to his (moving) reference frame, while the world-invariant of the velocity of light remains unchanged.
This transformation holds for the volume dV of a material particle that is at rest in the inertial reference frame S'.
Strong-PR states that both 'the form of the laws of physics and the numerical values of the physical constants that these laws contain are the same in every inertial reference frame' (Taylor and Wheeler |1966~, p.
The chaser, a controlled satellite whose attitude with respect to an inertial reference frame is known from its attitude determination system, is equipped with an optical camera and a distance sensor at the scope of performing the relative navigation; the target is a free-tumbling, uncontrolled satellite, whose shape is initially unknown.
To describe the motion of a particle relative to a body that is rotating with respect to an inertial reference frame is clearly a complicated matter.
Two reference frames, inertial reference frame and body reference frame, are required to obtain the model.
Instead of using inertial reference frame, the virtual skyhook vibration isolator uses a secondary tuned spring-mass-damper system.
Thus, [] is completely determined by the flow of free carriers of current, and [nabla] x [] = 0 in any inertial reference frame.
It is then well known--see, for example, Lawden (1962)--that if the voyage from Earth to Trantor appears to take n years to observers in the Earth-Trantor inertial reference frame, it will appear to take [bar.n] years aboard the spaceship, where:
(ii) acceleration: ([a.sub.Lm], [a.sub.Tm]), projected into the inertial reference frame;