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a. Incapable of moving or acting: "[Some patients] lingered, unable to breathe on their own, inert and unresponsive even to the most noxious stimulus" (Gary Greenberg).
b. Sluggish in action or motion; lethargic. See Synonyms at inactive.
2. Chemistry Not readily reactive with other elements; forming few or no chemical compounds.
3. Having no pharmacologic, metabolic, or other physiological effect.

[Latin iners, inert- : in-, not; see in-1 + ars, skill; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

in·ert′ly adv.
in·ert′ness n.
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Noun1.inertness - immobility by virtue of being inert
immobility - the quality of not moving
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A lack of action or activity:
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عَدم حَرَكَه، خُمول، كَسَل، تَراخٍ


(iˈnəːt) adjective
1. without the power to move. A stone is an inert object.
2. (of people) not wanting to move, act or think. lazy, inert people.
iˈnertness noun
iˈnertia (-ʃiə) noun
the state of being inert. It was difficult to overcome the feeling of inertia that the wine and heat had brought on.
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It's enough to look at the red hands hanging at the end of those short arms, at those slow, prom- inent brown eyes, to know the inertness of her mind --an inertness that one would think made it ever- lastingly safe from all the surprises of imagina- tion.
They alone moved through the vast inertness. They alone were alive, and they sought for other things that were alive in order that they might devour them and continue to live.
FROM the inertness, or what we may term the vegetative character, of his ordinary mood, Clifford would perhaps have been content to spend one day after another, interminably,--or, at least, throughout the summer-time,--in just the kind of life described in the preceding pages.
He was in a manner devoted to it with a sort of inert fanaticism, or perhaps rather with a fanatical inertness. Born of industrious parents for a life of toil, he had embraced indolence from an impulse as profound as inexplicable and as imperious as the impulse which directs a man's preference for one particular woman in a given thousand.
Rochester; that the impetuous will of the latter held complete sway over the inertness of the former: the few words which had passed between them assured me of this.
Then the air was slowly, very slowly, exhaled, and his body as slowly flattened itself down into inertness.
High corrosion resistance and chemical inertness are key attributes of plastic continue to drive its demand for production of various marine components and marine seats are no exception.
The reason for the abundance of elemental nitrogen is the incredible stability and inertness of dinitrogen (N2), a molecule comprising two nitrogen atoms and the form in which most nitrogen exists.
Now I am looking forward to them showing solidarity with me in my current state of inertness.""Bilawal offered that in these testing times, he is willing to take a bipartisan approach on foreign policy.
Glass syringes are preferred by product manufacturers for their inertness and durability.
Dewan Negara president Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran when announcing the adjournment of the sitting said although various speculations had been raised on several bills that had been passed, the Senate was not a place for members to practise politics of inertness.