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1. Impossible to estimate or compute: inestimable damage. See Synonyms at incalculable.
2. Of immeasurable value or worth; invaluable: "shared all the inestimable advantages of being wealthy, good-looking, confident and intelligent" (Doris Kearns Goodwin).

in·es′ti·ma·bly adv.
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This entails the practical disadvantage of making the Bible--events, characters, and ideas--seem less real and living; but on the other hand it helps inestimably to create the finer imaginative atmosphere which is so essential for the genuine religious spirit.
I bore my share of that inestimably precious burden with a manly tenderness, with a fatherly care.
The windows, heavily shaded by trees, admitted a subdued light that made the faces around me pale, and darkened the old brasses in the pavement and the time and damp-worn monuments, and rendered the sunshine in the little porch, where a monotonous ringer was working at the bell, inestimably bright.
There are two people in the world to whom you are inestimably precious, and who are determined not to let your happiness be sacrificed.
van Wittel (1653-1736), alias Vanvitelli, alias Gasparo degli Occhiali, alias De Toorts ('The Torch'), exported a new pictorial genre, the urban landscape, from a new country, the United Provinces - its existence formally recognised a scant five years or so before his birth, its boundaries vigorously contested during his youth - to one at once inestimably old and yet to come into being, namely Italy.
Pakistan has suffered inestimably by being an ally of the US in the Soviet-Afghan War and the war against terrorism.
It's inestimably valuable to our cast, chorus, and orchestra to have the benefit of Emmanuel's immaculate sense of style, so essential to any performance of French romantic repertoire."
A spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives said: "If these allegations are true, then the Welsh Labour Government's cancellation of the Vietnam expedition will have cost the taxpayer inestimably more than the PS5,000 their spin team originally claimed.
According to the KCBS' publication on July 5, 2016, value of properties in the Santa Clara County where the Silicon Valley lies, has inestimably appreciated as a result of building boom.
Moreover, in a Mises Daily Article, Mayer (2000) characterizes "the great Benjamin Graham" as "inestimably wise."
an object or an individual inestimably valuable by seizure and
The smell, of perhaps ammonia, of bleach, of urine, of human in some inestimably horrible combination, will be with me forever, a permanent mark on my soul, a reminder.