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Having no existence; nonexistent.

in′ex·is′tence n.
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Every psychical phenomenon is characterized by what the scholastics of the Middle Ages called the intentional (also the mental) inexistence of an object, and what we, although with not quite unambiguous expressions, would call relation to a content, direction towards an object (which is not here to be understood as a reality), or immanent objectivity.
This intentional inexistence is exclusively peculiar to psychical phenomena.
The BiH judiciary would become paralyzed in terms of enforcing its jurisdiction in criminal matters, which would be the most serious blow to the fight against crime, given that such a situation could be equated to a complete inexistence of the Prosecutor's Office as an institution,' concluded the High Representative Inzko.
Tharparkar - the most backward district of the country remained in limelight due to starvation, water scarcity, newborn deaths due to malnourishment, inexistence of health and education, etc, for the last many years.
Sur le mar musical national, il y'a une quasi inexistence d'indicateurs fiables quant aux rAaAaAeA@sultats des ventes.
Although I do not agree with Richard Wiseman's interpretation (2009) that the frequent "jumping ship" by psi researchers to other topics or research paradigms is based on the inexistence of psi, I agree with his remark that parapsychologists (and their graduate students) do not maintain often enough their focus on further developing a question or issue as much as they should, and as much as successful scientists even in other originally marginal areas such as hypnosis have done (Cardena, 2010).
He reiterated his opposition towards it when providing his thoughts about the inexistence of Hurricane Irma on his radio show Tuesday.
However, such a study considered this discovery as a confounding variable, resulting in the exclusion of the same in the final logistic models, in function of the inexistence of reports of this nature for the literature.
When aggressive conduct was analysed specifically, including measures of proactive (premeditated, instrumental) and reactive (hostile, emotional) aggression, as reported both by parents and the children themselves, the multivariate analysis showed the inexistence of significant differences between both groups (F = 0.
First off we can refer to a survey made in the year 2005, 70 percent of the consumers stated that the reason why they purchase organic food is the lack or inexistence of pesticide contamination.
It is not possible to have the files from Uefa and not being able to investigate some of them because of the inexistence of sufficient legal weapons," the minister said.
The inexistence of Al toxicity effects on the CI of leaves of 'IAC Fantastico' pineapple was possibly associated with the existence of more-efficient tolerance mechanisms, in comparison to the results obtained in the cultivar 'Vitoria'.