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Having no existence; nonexistent.

in′ex·is′tence n.
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a rare word for nonexistent
ˌinexˈistence, ˌinexˈistency n
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(ˌɪn ɪgˈzɪs tənt)

having no existence; nonexistent.
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The world has mixed races and thus the notion of racial purity, I dare argue, is almost inexistent.
Meanwhile, owing to its small size, the aesthetic nuisance of these fibers is almost inexistent. Banking on the ubiquity of the fibers, players in the fishing net fibers market are optimistic of the robust growth.
Echiverri said in his joint demurrer with Garcia and Centeno that the proof of all elements of the crimes charged was inexistent in the prosecution's evidence.
The COA attributed the high population in jails to the increase in the number of drug-related cases in the country as well as the court's slow or inexistent action on pending cases.
That appears to fit with Kenya's recent altruistic fiscal policy commit inexistent funds, borrow, then plan later.The government has brought this upon itself by continuing on an expansionary expenditure path despite declining return on investments from new spending.
or planted with export cash crops, all due to the impact of flooding of imported rice, (then) we will just be an addition to the world population that begs for food, whose food security is a sham, and whose right to food totally inexistent.'
Financial institutes reject mortgage applications if the credit history is poor or inexistent. It is recommended to start building your credit history by getting a credit card and paying the card bills on time as soon as you've moved into the country.
In addition to the economic challenges, the report shed light upon the fact that Egyptian publishing faces many challenges, including near inexistent distribution channels, relatively low literacy and reading rates, low purchasing power, piracy, and censorship.
Researchers had little information on how to measure the quantities of chemicals or their toxicity due to inexistent information, according to the United States Geological Survey.
The 20-page letter dissected the company's plans for setting up Hattar and Rashkai SEZs under the CPEC project and noted that both documents were reflection of weak and inexistent intra-organisational quality assurance and quality control system.
Organ donation after death is almost inexistent due to lack of awareness and cultural rejection to the act as many support leaving the body intact as a sign of respect to the deceased.