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1. Impossible to expiate or atone for: inexpiable crimes.
2. Obsolete Implacable.

in·ex′pi·a·bly adv.


1. incapable of being expiated; unpardonable
2. archaic implacable
inˈexpiableness n
inˈexpiably adv


(ɪnˈɛks pi ə bəl)

not to be expiated; not allowing for expiation or atonement: an inexpiable crime.
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Adj.1.inexpiable - incapable of being atoned for
unpardonable - not admitting of pardon; "unpardonable behavior"
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'There is the inexpiable offence against my adoration of you.
'If a man would commit an inexpiable offence against any society, large or small, let him be successful.
I lay awake till dawn, breathing quickly and sweating lightly, beneath what De Quincey inadequately describes as "the oppression of inexpiable guilt." Now as soon as the lovely day was broken, I fell into the most terrible of all dreams--that joyous one in which all past evil has not only been wiped out of our lives, but has never been committed; and in the very bliss of our assured innocence, before our loves shriek and change countenance, we wake to the day we have earned.
Hay un pasaje en Sartre que recuerda la armonizacion de contrarios que llevo a Vinicius a fundir la Grecia clasica y el Brasil carnavalesco, y que alude al paternalismo blanco en torno al sufrimiento negro: "Comme le poete dionysiaque, le Negre cherche a penetrer sous les phantasmes brillants du jour et rencontre, a mille pieds sous la surface apollinienne, la souffrance inexpiable qui est l'essense universelle de l'homme" (xxxv).
Chairman PPP in a statement regarded the incident as inexpiable act.
Childhood malignancies are serious problems that can cause inexpiable damages to families and societies.
(Pinero 1980: 11) Por su parte, el poema de Sandra Maria Esteves "Capital", publicado el mismo ano que el poema de Pinero, tambien postula el vinculo inmanente entre el capitalismo y el cristianismo poniendo al descubierto el mecanismo velado que comparten ambas ideologias en tanto sistemas de una culpa inexpiable, y desarrollando asi, todavia con mayor profundidad que en el caso de Pinero, la tesis benjaminiana que postula la condicion sagrada del capitalismo en tanto religion de la culpa.
One critic in The American Whig Review (June 1845) opined that George Sand was "guilty of the inexpiable transgression" of legal separation from her husband; however, he adds, "what is perhaps still more unpardonable, she has continued to maintain herself in this state of defiance, with the ...
La antitesis es el combate entre dos plenitudes enfrentadas ritualmente como dos guerreros armados: es la figura de la oposicion dada, eterna, eternamente recurrente, la figura de lo inexpiable. todo intento de atravesar el muro de la antitesis constituye una transgresion [.] la paradoja es la ultima tentativa del codigo para someter a lo inexpiable (Barthes, 1980: 21).
La reference historique est evidemment autre chez Plutarque, qui cite le decret de Charinos consecutif a ce crime: il proclamait une haine inexpiable entre Athenes et Megare et ordonnait d'enterrer le heraut a la Porte de Thria, "celle qu'on appelle aujourd'hui Dipylon", precise le biographe.