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 (ĭn-ĕk′splĭ-kə-bəl, ĭn′ĭk-splĭk′ə-bəl)
Difficult or impossible to explain or account for.

in·ex′pli·ca·bil′i·ty, in·ex′pli·ca·ble·ness n.
in·ex′pli·ca·bly adv.


nUnerklärlichkeit f, → Unerklärbarkeit f
References in classic literature ?
But the inexplicability of the general's conduct dwelt much on her thoughts.
The 4A manifesto, entitled ,,The Five Fundamentals of Atheism", pointed at ,,materialism, sense-based empiricism, biological evolution, the inexplicability of evil and suffering, and here-and-now happiness" (Schmidt 2016, 258).
On the inexplicability of the implicit: Differences in the information provided by implicit and explicit tests.
Cubic effects of dose were not examined for inexplicability in biology.
She complains about the inexplicability of this disaster to her doctor: "I don't have relationships.
What Sarris refers to as opacity and Kael as inexplicability is for Bordwell the trademark of the art film, ambiguity.
At least one critic has foregrounded their inexplicability, stating that Fuller's Leitmotif of "nature, civilization, and their interaction [.
Instead, they rely on fine-grained analyses of specific events to explore the possibility of writing histories that preserve the irreducible contingency and inexplicability of violent crises.
Spirit" here refers to "a 'sensing' of infiniteness, transcendence, going beyond, wonderment, awe, inexplicability, inconceivability, etc.
Such narratives usually bemoan the senselessness of the shooting, emphasizing the inexplicability of mass violence in the absence of any identifiable ethnic, social, or cultural marginalization.
And that confusion, inexplicability, and deadliness have a tendency to rob us of the talented, inflate the mediocre, and ruin or improve the survivors--but always at least making young men who survive not forget what they have been through.
Since it is impossible to translate the language of the libido literally--accurate transcriptions of dreams being either dull or ludicrous--the attempt was made to render the qualities of dream-experience, its strangeness, its remoteness, its inexplicability.